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Many blogs focus on one particular niche – and do an excellent job of covering the niche. At The Soap Boxers, we share articles on a broad array of topics. We think of ourselves as a web magazine, rather than a blog. It’s difficult to get a full idea of what we do from reading a couple of issues. Follow us for a week, and see if you like what you read.

Weekly Schedule

  • Monday: Ramblings from Martin
  • Tuesday: Sports
  • Wednesday: Entertainment
  • Thursday: The Political Observers
  • Friday: Kosmo’s Choice
  • Weekend: Various

The Political Observers (Thursdays)

  • Week 1: Peter (Conservative)
  • Week 2: Zarberg (Liberal)
  • Week 3: The Crunchy Conservative (Conservative)
  • Week 4: The Angry Squirrel (Liberal)

Weekly Writers

Subject Bio


Founder, Editor-in-Chief Kosmo lives in Iowa. He enjoys watching sports, working with computers, and writing fiction. Kosmo has been featured as a guest columnist on a number of blogs (here’s the list).

“Johnny Goodman”

Sports Johnny is a 1992 Graduate of the University of Nebraska Lincoln with a degree in Economics and History. He is a huge golf fan (Google his pen name) and is a two time cancer survivor. He resides in Lincoln where he is employed by a Fortune Top 50 company for nearly 20 years.

“Martin Kelly”


The Political Observers

Stance Bio

“The Crunchy Conservative”

Conservative The Crunchy Conservative is a college educated mother of three boys from Iowa. She has her Bachelor of Science degree in English, emphasis in British Literature and Creative Writing.

Crunchy also does freelance work for Suite101 and Yahoo Contributor’s Network, as well as writing for her own blogs, Mommy’s Recess and Surviving in a Male Dominated Home.


Liberal Zarberg is a 35 year old government IT professional who previously worked 5 years at a Wall Street brokerage firm. He received a Bachelor of Music degree from Ithaca College in 1997 and currently resides in North Carolina.

Peter Shaw

Conservative Peter was born and raised in Iowa by Democrat parents. Living as an enlightened conservative Republican, Peter is raising his own Iowa family with his wife of 20 years. Peter enjoys religion, politics, amateur radio, and the Second Amendment..

“The Angry Squirrel”


Special Contributors


Politics (Conservative) Squeaky lives in Fort Collins, CO. He is a former law enforcement officer currently working in IT. Squeaky enjoys golfing, skiing, biking, hiking and camping with his family.

“Princess Kate”

Art Princess Kate is an Iowa native who received her MA in Art History at the greatest public university in the world (go Hawks!). She is excited to write anything where using the first person and contractions aren’t execution-worthy offenses.

“Bob Inferapels”

Entertainment Bob is all play and no work!

“Cheri Nobel”

Entertainment Cheri partners with Bob on the entertainment beat.

“Gabe Tyndal”

Science and Nature Gabe lives in the Midwest. He enjoys the outdoor life and has a background in biology and medicine. Gabe will write on various science and nature topics throughout the year.

James Bathgate

Technology News

Jonna Wibelius

International Perspective Jonna gives the opinion of US and world events through the lens of her own experiences. Jonna is a native of Sweden who lives in China. Jonna details her life in China in her popular blog SheInChina.

“Peter Rabbit”

Middle East Politics

“Phil Ossifer”

Phil shares his Philossify with the readers of The Soap Boxers

Tyson Turner

Canada Tyson lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba and is naturally a big hockey fan. He also loves to travel and barbecue anything with meat.

Whitney Henderson

Names that are contained within quote marks are pen names.