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Sep 13, 2013
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It is football season again. By the time this article is published, the first week of the regular season will already be on the books. The following is my prediction of what the results of this season will be. In 17 weeks we will see just how right or wrong I am, at least as far as the playoffs go.

Division 2012 2013 Prediction
AFC East New England New England
AFC North Baltimore Cincinnati
AFC South Houston Houston
AFC West Denver Denver
AFC Wild Card Indianapolis Indianapolis
AFC Wild Card Cincinnati Pittsburgh
NFC East Washington New York
NFC North Green Bay Green Bay
NFC South Atlanta Atlanta
NFC West San Francisco Seattle
NFC Wild Card Seattle San Francisco
NFC Wild Card Minnesota Minnesota


  • Exiting Playoffs: Baltimore, Washington Baltimore defense is just too weak, RGIII will get hurt.
  • Joining Playoffs: New York Giants, Pittsburgh both purely on defense
  • San Francisco moves from division champion to wild card Keapernick will get hurt
  • Cincinnati and Seattle move from wild card to division champion Overwhelming talent
  • All four divisional playoff games will be blowouts (more than 14 point victories)


Super Bowl: Atlanta vs Houston

Super Bowl Champion: Atlanta Falcons



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