OK, so there’s really just one small change.  We now have a store.  What’s inside the store?

  • You now have the ability to leave a tip for your favorite writer(s).  This is, of course, optional.  If you choose to leave a tip, thank you very much.  If you don’t, that’s OK – you’ll continue to enjoy all future articles at The Soap Boxers.  To leave a tip, simply add your favorite writer(s) to your cart, and change the quantity to reflect the amount of the tip (quantity of 3 = $3 tip).
  • Kosmo’s fiction eBooks are now available for purchase.  Volumes 1 and 2 are $3.65 each, while the shorter volume 3 is $1.95.  Again, this is completely optional.  We do anticipate having great discount coupons in the future to reward our loyal readers.
  • The future?  Hopefully some audio books (recordings of the fiction stories).  It will be a little while before these are available.


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Kosmo is the founder of The Soap Boxers and writes on a variety of topics. Many of his short stories have been collected into Kindle books.

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