On July 23, I launched a dinosaur book giveaway as part of a multi-part dinosaur extravaganza.

I am happy to announce the following winners:

  • The winner for best comment goes to Evan from 40tech.com. I’m not going to point out a specific comment, but I’ll just award it as a monthtime achievement award”. Evan has been commenting for a while now always with interesting comments. Now, if I can just figure out why his comments always go into my spam filter! Plenty of other folks had good comments during the month as well. Evan – I hope you enjoy Anonymous Rex I know that I did! (Note: the rest of the winners won the DK Pockets mini reference Dinosaurs book)
  • I also picked one random winner from among everyone who commented during the timeframe of the contest. People with multiple comments received multiple entries (a maximum of one entry per day). The winner is Spivey.
  • I also picked a random winner from among people who retweeted a post from The Soap Boxers. Sate3 is the winner.
  • Kelly from The Centsible Life is the winner for mentioning The Soap Boxers. She added The Soap Boxers to her blog roll.
  • None of the RSS readers emailed me to enter. However, I still do want to give away all of the books so I’ll give away the remaining DK Pockets Dinosaurs reference book to one commenter who expressed a desire to own it Dana.

Winners – you should have an email from me (or, in the case of Sate3, a tweet). If you don’t see an email, drop me a lne at kosmo@observingcasually.com I hope you enjoy the book you receive, or have a family member or friend who will enjoy it. Didn’t win? Don’t despair. These books – and other dinosaur related items that were mentioned during the dinosaur articles are all available on Amazon. If you order them via the links below, I receive a small commission (and you still pay the exact same Amazon.com price ).

I have really noticed a surge in comments lately, especially in the last week. We appreciate the feedback continue to comment on articles. Many times, the comments can spur the discussion into new directions. As a bonus to commenters who have their own blog, a link to a recent blog post will be included in your comment. Thus, commenting is a win/win situation we get good comments on our site, and you get some exposure for your blog.

Anonymous Rex

DK Pockets – Dinosaurs

Jurassic Park – Book

Jurassic Park
DVD combo pack
All 3 movies!


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