Each year around this time, if you follow the gaming industry at all, you’ve no doubt heard lots about the E3 Expo that takes place in June. Attendees of the Expo are offered a chance to see the future of the gaming/entertainment industry. Things such as the new Wii will most likely be on display. In years past, the soon to be released version of the PS3 was available to test, and the same goes for the Xbox 360.

My question to you is … would you go? It’s reported that tens of THOUSANDS or people attend the 3 day event. This year, it’s possible that over 80 countries will be represented at the Expo. Is it worth the hassle of dealing with the crowd to test a product that is most likely still in development? Meaning, you’re not even testing the finished version of the product. Or, would you rather just wait to read the review on the items that were tested?

My answer to my own question is … I can wait to read the reviews! I would not want to deal with the crowds to try certain futuristic products, let alone pay the $500 fee to attend! Yes, I said $500. That’s crazy! Don’t get me wrong, if I could attend for free, and I was the only person there … well maybe not the only, but not with thousands of others, I’d definitely be interested in attending. Video games at this point is high on my hobby list, and to be one of the first to try new products would be pretty cool. But paying the astronomical fee along with the travel just isn’t worth it to me.

Would it be worth it to you?

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