I’ve noticed a slight increase in Google traffic this week as we made a push toward 250 articles. I suspect that 250 files (article + pages) may trigger Google to give you a bit more love. At this rate, we’ll have at least 3 unique visitors every day by the end of the year ;)

While I can sometimes sort of understand what Google is doing, I have some difficulty understanding what PEOPLE are doing sometimes.

In the aftermath of Google showing us a bit more love, the two most popular search terms over the weekend were:

OK, these both make sense. Johnny’s article was very topical, and the article about how many people make more than $250,000 will be relevant as long as some politicians consider this to be a break point between those who are rich and those who are not.

So, you ask, what are some of the most commonly searched for articles, all time?

The baseball article makes a lot of sense. It functions very nicely as portable baseball bookmarks file. Librivox was hot (OK, hot is an exaggeration, but definitely warm) for a few weeks and then suddenly dropped off for no apparent reason. Ferdinand the Turtle, however, has been a steady performer for several months. I honestly have no clue what these people are searching for. I suspect that they are not looking for a children’s story about a turtle who grows up to be king of Turtle Island (with the help of his trust gofer, Bob the Squirrel), but I may be wrong.

Are there some articles that I wish more people would be searching for? Definitely.

Apparently, however, more people are concerned about the exploits of Ferdinand the Turtle than a comparison of Roth vs. 401(k). And maybe that’s how it should be …


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