An environmental group is protesting some demolition work being done on an island.  One of the protestors jumps into the water in an attempt to disrupt the demo work.  She goes missing and her group presumes that she died.

The woman’s body is pulled from the water by the group that is doing the demo work.  At first, she is presumed dead by that group as well – but then someone realizes that she’s still alive.  That’s a problem for the company’s owner.  Soon, there are trained killers trying to track her down, while the company’s chief engineer tries his best to protect her.

It’s clear to everything that there’s much more at stake than just some demo work on an island.  People are being kidnapped, interrogated, and even killed – but why?  What is the evil industrialist trying to accomplish?  Eventually, his goal becomes apparent – but is it too late to do anything about it?  The protagonists race against time, in an effort to prevent a great tragedy.


There are about a half dozen characters who are relatively main characters.  The characters are well-developed and interesting.  It was easy to like the protagonists, and I was cheering for them as they struggled to overcome long odds and save the day.

Overall, Forever and a Death is an interesting adventure tale, and I recommend it.  It was originally intended to be a James Bond story, but the project was shelved due to political concerns.  The author tweaked it a bit to turn it into a standalone (non-Bond) novel, and decades later, it eventually has found its way into print.  It certainly does have some elements of a Bond movie, though, so if you’re a fan of Bond, you may enjoy Forever and a Death.

Forever and a Death comes out on June 13.


[I received a free copy of Forever and a Death for review purposes.]

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