12/1 I really did a lot of editing before continuing the story.  My wife read the first two chapters and helped out a lot, especially in the female character dialog.  Finished up chapter 39 and chapter 40.  I have the main character working hard at being a good farmer.  He is working with and learning from his father in law.  I took the story to the end of spring and the end of the school semester.  The friends of the main characters have their baby as the last line of the chapter.

12/2 worked on chapters 41 and 42.  The main character is really pushing for a child of his own.  The wife is not exactly against the idea, but needs some convincing.  Both characters have a lot of things going on in their lives.  In Chapter 41, the priest has a heart attach and they go to visit him.  In Chapter 42, there is an end of summer party that reunites many of the characters.  I wanted to get them all in the same place to compare and contrast the choices that they have made and their successes and failures.

I am getting in a lot of writing because I have to wait up each night for my daughter to come home.  She is only 17 and works retail.  Her hours are late because it is the Christmas season.  I think I will be done with the bulk of the writing tomorrow, then starts the hardest task, editing.  Just from what I have done myself and the one day my wife looked at it, editors are worth their weight in gold.

12/3 DONE!  I finished just before midnight.  Three chapters.  Apparently I had two chapter 32s and missed chapter 35 so some of my previous entries may have missed parts of the story, or duplicated, I don’t know which.  I found out when I created a table of contents.  That is a very useful tool in Microsoft Word.  The final word count is just over 68,000 words.  It is really weird to have all of these ideas written down.  I have copied it to several computers and on two memory sticks.  I don’t want to lose it now that I am done.

The story reaches may peaks in these last few chapters.  The main characters decide to go ahead and try to get pregnant.  The main character’s wife goes off to a state school for college, it is close enough to drive to.  The priest passes away, this is not necessarily a bad event, just sad because they have lost a friend and counselor.  The main characters find out that the accident was not his fault, the other driver fell asleep at the wheel and crossed the median.  She gets pregnant and gives birth.  The final chapter is only three sentences long.  I think it wraps up the story very nicely, but the community will have to wait for the editing to be completed.  I want to leave some of it in suspense!

Writing these articles has almost been as much fun as writing the story.  It was a romance in the end.  My next effort will start next week as I travel again.  I am thinking Science Fiction this time.  Less dialog, more action and no need for sex scenes unless there is alien sex like in Star Trek.  Kosmo has invited me to continue with a weekly input.  I have agreed.  It will mostly focus on the joys and stresses of writing, although I will sometimes wax poetic on other topics.  I hope all of you have enjoyed and will continue to read my musings.  Thank you.

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