A continuation of last year’s letter to Virginia

Dear Virginia,

You may be wondering if there really is an Obama Claus. You have been promised so much but think you haven’t seen any of it. Silly, Virginia. You should know better.

I know you were hoping that “Obama would pay your gas and mortgage.”  But your house is in foreclosure. You haven’t had to make a house payment in months though, right?

I know that you traded in your paid off car only for a car payment you couldn’t afford. But you have a nice car, right? Or has it been repossessed?

I know that you were hoping for health care for all … but have only seen your insurance rates go up and your favorite doctor has decided to retire. But you’ll see that it will be better. After all, we know better than you do.

Oh, Virginia. You hoped that the Government would come to your aid quickly after the horrible BP oil spill, only to find yourself with mounting bills and paperwork and paperwork, only to get a percentage of what you were promised. But it’s all BP’s fault. And all of that off shore drilling. Hey, let’s blame Sarah Palin … yeah. That’s it.

And taxes? Yes, Virginia. Unless Obama and crew pass the Bush tax cuts extension, you will find less in your paycheck and less at tax time. I know you were promised more take home, but Obama Claus needs that money. Besides, it’s all that horrible Bush’s fault for giving you more of your money in the first place.

It’s those crazy Tea Partiers. Yeah, that’s it. Those crazy people who didn’t like the way things were going got out and voted. Now nothing will get done for you, Virginia. People just didn’t give Obama Claus enough time to fix all of the things that the evil Bush messed up. It’s not Obama Claus’ fault. It’s the Tea Partiers.

You silly, silly girl. Don’t listen to Fox News. Keep the faith with Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. THEY know what is right for you. Just like Obama Claus. And remember, it’s all Bush’s fault.

Virginia, don’t you know that Obama Claus is highly educated? He attended Harvard, therefore is a billion times smarter than you. Don’t you know that? Of course you don’t. You should consider it enough for Christmas that such a wonderful, educated, African American is in charge. So rather than doubting what he’s promised, just be thankful he’s in there.


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