Last night, ageless wonder Jamie Moyer (46 years old) threw 7 innings of one-hit ball against the Marlins.  The Phillies bullpen finished the game without incident, resulting in a combined one hitter.

Today, we give you a tribute to Jamie Moyer.  Here are 10 things you might not know about Jamie:

  • Jamie Moyer once threw a fastball.  Sure, it was in Little League, but it’s on his permanent record.
  • Jamie Moyer started his career in Philadelphia. With the Athletics.
  • Jamie Moyer threw the first pitch on opening day. It should be crossing the plate at any moment.
  • The Liberty Bell cracked while ringing to announce Jamie Moyer’s birth.
  • Jamie Moyer grew up in a family of carpenters.  He served his apprenticeship helping his uncle Noah build an ark.
  • Jamie Moyer’s grandson can hit a homerun off him. Then again, Dustin Moyer-Pedroia is a pretty decent player.
  • Jamie Moyer graced the cover of the first baseball video game – Pong.
  • If Jamie Moyer is pre-approved for a scooter or power chair and Medicare denies his claim, the Scooter Store will allow him to keep his scooter or power chair at no cost.
  • Jamie Moyer bought a brand new car when he signed his first professional contract. He still has that Model T.
  • The Phillies might need to shut down Jamie Moyer late in the year. He’s trying to figure out how much money he can earn before he is forced to claim social security benefits as income on his 1040.

All kidding aside, I do wish Jamie continued good luck in his career.

Note to regular readers of The Soap Boxers: in case you missed it, here’s a link to today’s Fiction Friday short story, Heidi and the Shark.


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