Obama’s Inaction On the BP Oil Spill

June 17, 2010

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For someone who likes to speak as much as he does, one would think that a tragedy such as this could define his Presidency and he would jump at the opportunity. However, it took 58 days for Obama to meet with BP. It took 9 days after the incident for Obama to say a word. He didn’t give a hoot until his poll ratings started to suffer and the people in the Gulf started asking questions. And without his teleprompter, he’s been heard saying he is going “kick someone’s ass” and “make BP pay”. Obama please, you’re no Tony Soprano.

I recall when Katrina hit; there was outcry that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

Well, how about this. Barack Obama doesn’t care about white fisherman. The BP CEO just needs to stop talking to the media all together. His “little people” comment was quite unnecessary. And they wonder why our ancestors left their country.

People were outraged that Bush didn’t do enough. I’m pretty sure if he could have talked to the CEO of hurricanes, it wouldn’t have taken him 58 days to do it. Even James Carville has had enough…and he’s a Democratic strategist!

We are witnessing the demise of both the gulf coast and Obama’s presidency. What this crisis demands, what this country needs is LEADERSHIP. The time for action was last month—or two months ago.

Obama is just as qualified to stop this oil gusher as he is to be president of the United States. The job of President of the United States really shouldn’t have been left to someone who needed “on the job training”.

November cannot come soon enough. And I think a bumper sticker I saw last week was accurately correct. It read “Obama = Carter 2.0”. Maybe we can hope for a one termer come 2012.

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  1. Martin Kelly
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 16:15:10

    Nice and concise. BP just needs to stop the leak. The government just need to remove the impediments to cleaning up, especially clean up by the states. The president keeps reminding us that BP has to pay for all of the clean up. Fine, do what you can and send them a bill.

    This whole episode gives me the picture of someone sitting in their car at the bottom of a hill. He sees a car parked up the hill start rolling towards him. Instead of moving, he just keeps repeating, “if that car hits me, the owner will have to pay.” Sure enought, the car hits him.


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