Nebraska Big XII Conspiracy

November 23, 2010

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Much of the hype surrounding my beloved town of Lincoln, Nebraska this past week is the much alleged Big Twelve Conference Conspiracy against the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  There are many facts figures and statistics that are in the media including

  • Nebraska’s opponents are the least penalized in the Big XII, second on the list the other team leaving the conference – Colorado
  • Nebraska has had the same crew of officials for their three tightest games, all in which the officiating was very lopsided in favor of their opponents.  Texas, Texas A&M and Iowa State

The list goes on for miles, but I will just say that the Husker Head Honcho, Bo Pelini, has brought on most of this himself. He continually berates officials, has dropped about 309 F Bombs on the sidelines and let’s face it, officials no matter how bad they might be, are humans and prone to being biased in their opinions after being yelled our pretty much non-stop for quarters on end.

Bottom Line, the Huskers offense is in shambles, the defense is playing well, and the officials in the Texas A&M game, while they might have contributed to the frustration did not directly impact the outcome of the game.


Texas A&M (-4.5) @ Texas – gig em … .Horns are horrible.  A&M 21- TX- 14


West Virginia @ Pittsburgh (-3.5) – Backyard Brawl … what a yawner.  WV- 21- Pitt – 20

Auburn @ Alabama (-3.5) Roll Tide.  Cam Newton loses Heisman, Boise State to National Title Game – Bama – 17- Auburn – 15

Colorado @ Nebraska (-20.5) – Buffs cost Huskers the Big XII title in the North. Buffs 15- Huskers 13

Arizona @ Oregon (-20.5) – You know the story here, Cal held them to 15, that won’t happen again.  Ore – 55- Arizona – 21

Boise State (-15.5) @ Nevada – Colin Kaepernick for Heisman.  Boise 49- Nevada – 42


Michigan @ thuh ohio state (-18.5) – Bunkeyes roll at home.  OSU – 42- MICH – 21

Michigan State (-1.5) @ Penn State – JoPa goes out a winner .  Penn St 21- Mich St 20

Kansas vs Missouri (-25.5) – Tigers looked bad last week, time to get rolling in Columbia – Mizzou – 35- KU 10

LSU @ Arkansas (-4.5) – Ryan drops the Mallett – ARK – 21- LSU – 17

Florida @ Florida State (-2.5) – Free Shoes U! – FSU – 21- FLA – 17

Washington @ California (-6.5) – California rolls this week as inconsistent Jake Locker is down again on Thanksgiving weekend.  Cal – 28- Wash 20

South Carolina (-3.5) @ Clemson – Lattimore for Heisman – SC- 27- Clem – 20

Mississippi State (-2.5) @ Mississippi – Battle for … well …. Mississippi.  Houston Nutt wasted his upset chance last week.  Miss St 21- Mississippi – 14

Oregon State @ Stanford (-14.5) – Stan rolls again.  Stan 40- Ore St – 17

Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State (-1.5) For all the marble in the South.  Which OU team shows up this week?  A losing one…..OSU – 28- OU – 24

Notre Dame @ USC (-3.5) – No Defense cannot contain the Trojans in the Mausoleum.  USC – 28- No Defense – 17

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  1. Squeaky
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 07:46:32

    Johnny my favorite quote this week: “Horns are horrible.”

    Auburn/Alabama will be a great game!

    My quote this week: Colorado sucks! =) Yes I live in Colorado, but CU is in Boulder. Boulder is like a foreign country and CU really does suck! GO HUSKERS!!!!!


  2. Joe
    Dec 01, 2010 @ 12:02:13

    Everything you said about the officials being human is true. However, you are wrong about the officials not directly impacting the result of the Texas A&M game! The officials had an agenda and they we successful at contributing to the loss at Texas A&M. I truly want to believe that the Big XII conference is not trying to treat Nebraska as a red headed step child, but all of the evidence and statistics prove that this may not be the case. If Don Beebe’s feeling are hurt, I don’t care, the conference is in shambles do to Nebraska leaving. As a result, the Nebraska players are unfairly being impacted by the business side of college football. Just as Pelini needs to act as a professional even though I support him 100%, so does the Big XII conference need to act professionally and let the chips fall where they may without trying to slant the table on Nebraska’s last roll.


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