No Need To Touch My Junk And Other Musings

November 25, 2010

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With the holiday travel season upon us the right has found their latest obsession in attacking the TSA and newer regulations before boarding flights. Their new slogan is Don’t touch my junk. What the case is if you’ve been hiding in a cave the last week or so is that if you choose not to go through the full body imaging scan there will be an extensive full body pat down. Some think that the image equipment causes a risk to your health and that is why they elect not to go through that process. However like on most issues they are dead wrong. The health risk to radiation from the process amounts to the amount you would have from a few minutes of flying. So if it really was a health issue for you, you might as well not even get on the plane at all.

However on one note I will agree with their side that the extensive pat down is not required at all. It has been 15 years since I have flown with them, but El Al Airlines has always had nice security measures for pre flight boarding and maybe should for other airlines. Basically you’d have to show up way early before your flight and then go through an extensive interview process with their security and check out your luggage you are carrying on. If they think something is questionable about your answers, your reaction to the question, your demeanor, something in your luggage, whatever it may be you are not allowed on your flight. Then again this would just bring up the right with saying their time is being wasted by these new invasive efforts into their privacy, but who exactly are they going to be blaming when lack of regulation fails. Who they always blame for everything under the sun, Obama.

So on this busiest of travel days the teabaggers have taken to the airports in protest of this. The image scanners are a “health concern” and also show too much and can get into wrong hands. I have already discussed the former, but on the latter they are wrong as well. The equipment does not have a save feature to keep your body image on file after the next person has gone through the line or the equipment is turned off.

So remember this holiday season when your travel is delayed some, blame the proper people. The nutcases who are protesting this whole issue instead of actually offering any sort of solution. Then again they probably won’t listen so it will probably fall on deaf ears.

Speaking of nutcases, up in Alaska defeated Republican candidate for Senate Joe Miller continues to be a sore loser and is pissing and moaning and continues to bring up lawsuits blocking the landmark write-in win by fellow Republication and current Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski … His new lawsuit is that he thinks handwriting looks similar on some ballots so they must all be cast out. This goes with his other argument he has made in suit that misspelled ballots should not be counted because his supporters lead a campaign to have protest votes. So in his mind Murkowski should have received no votes at all instead of the comfortable victory she had as a write in candidate over his stupid arse. I am guessing his next step will be to have his security detail “arrest” Murkowski. So the long story short if the legal wranglings by the teabaggers in Alaska are allowed to continue Alaska will be without a Senator for the time it takes to get things sorted out. Then again I will shed no tears as it just means there is one less Republican vote in the Senate for a while, even though it will have no ramifications on the amount of votes needed to get anything done.

Other ramblings I have for this month are on the Bush tax cuts and healthcare reform. It is quite funny that the group of people who ran on the issue of the average Americans not creating debt and repealing socialist healthcare want to extend the Bush tax cuts to millionaires, add considerably to the debt and when they show up at orientation in Congress want to know where their government run healthcare is.

Well that is all I’ve got for this month. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving holiday and remember there is no need to have your junk touched this holiday – unless you really want to that is.

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