The Coaching Carousel

December 14, 2010

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The coaching carousel is in full swing. Dave Wannstedt figured out what Nebraska Cornhusker fans figured out a long time ago … Steve Pederson is not the guy you want to work for … and he left Pittsburgh. Smiley Jones, the Athletic Director at Pitt, now may go after another former Husker Coach, Jay Norvell, to come and save his day in Pittsburgh.

Miami fired their head coach, Randy Shannon, and are bringing in new blood to coach the hurrigangsters, although the fair weather fans at “the U” want a more thuggish image for the program, a return to the glory days if you will.

Urb hangs it up at Florida. Once again citing health issues. This guy is turning into the Brett Favre of coaches. I am retiring….wait I am not retiring, no – – really now I am retiring. We will see how long this one lasts. I predict 2-3 years at the most.

A number of other coaches are on the hot seat. Rich Rodriguez at Michigan, where they can find guys that remind fans of Appalachian State type of players that beat the Wolverines in the big house just a few years ago. Michigan however, has seemingly forgotten that you also have to play defense when your offense is on the field. It will be interesting to see what happens if Big Blue loses the bowl game.

Ron Zook at Illinois seems to be on the watch list every year for coaches that are on the way out the door. Truth is at Illinois you are going to have a bunch of around .500 seasons and that is likely as good as it is going to get. Zook got run out of Florida and then Urb won with what was essentially his recruited talent. Illinois is young again, so we will see how this plays out.

Texas … oh my beloved Longhorns. From National Title game to TV watching this December and January. First your offensive coordinator conveniently resigns … hmmmmmm … Then the defensive coordinator that your school has been seriously overpaying to keep him on staff as the heir apparent “coach in waiting” leaves to take over for Urb at Florida. Mack must be spiraling into a pit of despair. The only National title this guy has won was with arguably the best dual threat quarterback in the history of college football, and even he could not screw that up, make you wonder how such high recruiting classes every year have lead to exactly one national title, and now everyone leaving. I smell more big problems in Austin and the eventual collapse of what remains of the Texas…..errrrr….Big XII Conference.

Up next will be the Johnny Goodman bowl game spectacular. Stay tuned.

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  1. Squeaky
    Dec 14, 2010 @ 15:26:38

    You know, the last couple weeks have been highly entertaining. I’m just thrilled that we can finally put the rumors about Bo Pelini leaving Nebraska for Florida behind us; THAT was horrible.

    It is satisfying to know that things are better for others when you’re there. Nebraska leaving the Big 12 will ultimiately hurt the Big 12 but hopefully it will help Nebraska a lot. I’m a little concerned about next year’s schedule, but that will only help to improve our performance.

    Can’t wait for the Johnny Goodman bowl game spectacular.


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