Review: MLB 11 The Show – Road To The Show (Part 2)

July 6, 2011

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Last week, I gave an overall review of the Road to the Show (RTTS) option from MLB 11 The Show. I discussed making myself a closing pitcher and what my current status was. Since then, I’ve decided to go a different route. Being a closing pitcher just wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be, so I re-created myself as a starting pitcher. I gotta say, this is the way to go! This week, I’ll talk more about specific skill points.

There are several different categories to train for as a pitcher (and as a position player/batter, but I’ll focus on pitcher). When you create your pitcher, you can pick 3 pitch types that you want to be able to throw. I picked 4 seam fastball, sweeping curve, and sinker. Once you create your pitches, you’ll have 3 training areas for each pitch – velocity, control, and movement. I like to focus more on power to get my fastball velocity up to the mid to high 90’s, so I quickly maxed out my fastball velocity at 99 (of course, like I mentioned in part 1, you have to earn training points by meeting goals during each game you play).

You also have other areas to train in – Stamina/durability, mechanics, pitching clutch, BB/9, H/9, K/9, and HR/9. Training on each specific pitch will also increase your attributes in these other areas. For example, if you increase your velocity on any of the pitches, that also will “train you” in the K/9 category. Working on your control for any specific pitch will also increase your BB/9, and increasing movement for each pitch will also increase your HR/9 attribute.

Working on your stamina, mechanics, and pitching clutch is also very important. You’ll find that you don’t have much stamina to start with, and you’ll quickly decline throughout the game. Assigning quite a few points to work on your stamina is a very good idea, especially in the beginning. I also found increasing my velocity on each pitch was very beneficial as well.
Throughout the season, you’ll also have various training assignments. You can skip them, or you can simply do them. I would HIGHLY recommend doing the training. It’s a very easy way to increase specific attributes, and they only take a few minutes to complete.

Also, keep an eye on the “Advancement Goals” screen (from the main menu in RTTS). This will typically consist of 4 items – 2 attributes that you need to increase over a specified period of time, and 2 goals that are stats related (i.e. Only allow 10 hits over the next 2 weeks, etc). PAY ATTENTION TO THESE GOALS. Even if you’re not performing the greatest but you achieve these goals consistently, it will pay off. If you perform great but don’t achieve the goals, you’ll notice the difference.
All in all, it’s a fantastic game and one of the best game modes available. If you haven’t played and enjoy the game of baseball, pick up a copy…you will not be disappointed!

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