Big Brother – Week 1

July 14, 2011

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It’s that time of year again…..BIG BROTHER IS ON (CBS Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays)!! This year started off with a bang as it’s different from any other season of BB. Typically the houseguests are “introduced” to each other by meeting for the first time outside the BB house. That was the case this season, except there were only 8 houseguests when typically there are 14 (and houseguests are not allowed to speak to each other until they are INSIDE) the house .

If you’re selected to be on BB, there’s an excellent chance you know how the game works, so each of the houseguests KNEW something was up when there was only 8. Not long after they went into the house in groups of 2, Julie (BB’s host) announced that the 8 current players would be playing in pairs, and they needed to select their partner. Keep in mind that the houseguests had JUST met, so they really knew nothing about each other. After picking partners, there was a ring on the doorbell. In comes Rachel and Brendon (engaged), from last season. The new houseguests seemed star struck, but it wasn’t long before 2 other groups came in – Evel Dick and his daughter Danielle, and the couple Jeff and Jordan.

It didn’t take long for alliances to form, as the new contestants had already formed an alliance, and the veterans who were introduced later quickly vowed to stick together. The first head of household competition was held on the first night of the season, and the veterans made their presence known with Rachel and Brendon winning the first competition (she hung on to a giant banana longer than anybody else….yes, a giant banana). This gave the veterans control over who would be going home first……but another wrench was soon thrown into the game. For the first 4 weeks, if your partner is voted out of the house (1 person goes home each week), you automatically receive a “golden ticket”, which automatically gives you safety to make it to the top 10. You can’t be selected for elimination, but you also can’t participate in any of the household contests (head of household, veto competition, etc).

So, while you and your partner are up for elimination, you really are voting for your person to go home because that grants you safety to get to the top 10. Probably not a huge deal to the newbies, but it could get a little interesting for the veterans. There is an elimination tonight (Thursday), and a team of new guests is up for elimination – Keith and Porsche. Both are assuming they’ll be safe and think for sure the other is going to be voted out. Keith has been much more vocal throughout the game. The veterans want to keep Porsche, and originally all of the newbies wanted to keep Keith, but some are starting to question his moves.

PREDICTION: I think Keith will be going home, as his antics may have done just enough to scare his alliance. The veterans think they can convince Porsche to vote however they want her to for the next few weeks, so I think they’ll do just enough to keep her around.

Anybody else have thoughts? Am I way off on my prediction?

Stay tuned for the next couple of days to see a post on each of the teams on Big Brother and my thoughts on each.

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  1. The Angry Squirrel
    Jul 14, 2011 @ 11:47:33

    Its pretty much a toss up as to who gets evicted this week. The new houseguests seem to be going with voting Porshe out from the feed summaries I looked at so far, but without the DR sessions on the shows to back it up, who knows. The one thing I have not liked so far was that Dick was off the show the next day on the feeds after the premeire but through the magic of editing for the storyline kept it until last nights show to address it.

    As far as who I think will win it is too early to tell. I know I don’t want to see Brenchel on the show too much longer. I wish they would have brought back Chilltown for Dynamic Duos as they are the only duo to each win big brother.


  2. Bob Inferapels
    Jul 14, 2011 @ 12:24:36

    I agree, I would much rather have had ANY other duo than “brenchel”…..but more on that when this weekend’s post comes.

    I found it funny that both Keith and Porsche threw the veto competition, and neither one knew the other was trying to throw it. I think it’ll be a close vote, but really think Keith will be voted out.

    I try to not look at any of the spoiler sites….call me old fashioned but I enjoy seeing what happens during each episode.


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