The IRS Has Funding Issues

February 17, 2012

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I have already finished and filed my taxes for the year…which is an achievement for me. 2011 was different than past years. I had 1099’s this year from my writing, had started my writing gig, we moved….it was a busy year. I was learning what I could and couldn’t deduct (business cards and office supplies are deductible; a “family size” bag of circus peanuts not so much), what I did right and what I did wrong last year. But I got it done, the tax software checked for errors and it sent it on its way.

And then H&R Block sent me an email from the IRS (panic!!). The headline read “Refund funding issues” (what?). Yes, apparently the IRS has “funding issues” and it would take over a month to get my return sent back to me.

Really, IRS. Really. I wonder, if I ever have to pay in the future, if the IRS would just accept my delay in payment to them, if I sent them an email and said I was having “Payment Funding Issues”. Somehow I don’t think their response would be so nice.

Pro Tip for the IRS: people who get refunds generally file pretty early, while the people who owe money usually file much later. You might want to plan for this cash flow discrepancy in your budget. I’m guessing this happens fairly frequently … like, say, every single year?

Oh, well. I guess I can at least track the status of my refund on the “Where’s my refund” site the IRS runs. What? That site’s having problems? Does the IRS have a “funding issue” with its IT department, too?

So I’ll just wait for my refund. With another baby on the way, we’ve already decided we’re going to use it as a down payment on a new (to us) vehicle. My 1993 Dodge Caravan just isn’t cutting it anymore. While I love my “broke-ass soccer mom van”, I would like a vehicle with a muffler…and a speedometer that works all of the time, not just when it wants to. I’m not picky.

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