The Big Move: Too Much Stuff!

May 11, 2012

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A little while ago I wrote the first of what I am sure will be a number of articles regarding the building of our house.  Since that initial announcement, we have been busy cleaning our home. It is amazing how much one accumulates at their house over a period of years. Since we have gone through pretty much every article of personal property that we own, we have been able to move most things that we are not keeping in the house – that we will need every day – to one of 4 piles.

The Garage Sale Pile

Garage sale

This is NOT our crap.

We held a garage sale at our home a couple of weeks back. Items that did not sell were off to my sister’s house for her garage sale. Since that time (and more cleaning) even more items are scheduled to a garage sale to be held at my parents’ house. Those in the Goodman Family call this annual event “The Mother of ALL Garage Sales” My parents are pretty much professionals when it come to the auction/garage/yard sale circuit. They enjoy it, they have a lot of nice stuff, they price it to move, and most importantly, they get a LOT of customer traffic. To date we have enjoyed the spoils of garage sales income of over $1000 from our two sales just counting our cut of the action and not the items that were sold at our sale for some of our friends who had stuff to unload to the public as well.

The I Wondered Where That Was Pile

Not a large amount of goods but these are things that once upon a time entered a black hole void in our domicile to never be seen again…until that is we are going through the entire house and opening up every storage container and bottomless closet space.

The Off to the Storage Unit Pile

Then there is the majority of items. This is the “clutter” around the house that we need to alleviate prior to putting the house on the market. We have our realtor coming to go through our house later this weekend. We are hoping that we have de-cluttered enough that she will not have many recommendations to make. Items already in storage are things that are going to stay there in storage for a while, or are things that are not currently being used (like winter coats and clothing)

The Too Good for the Storage Unit Pile

These are the items that we would not want to chance keeping in the storage unit. Things like wedding photos, some prints and collectible items, personal mementos, passports etc.

Next Up – the Garage!

We pretty much have the house cleaned, dusted, scrubbed, touched up, picked up etc., except…the final man’s domain….that being the garage. That is on the docket for the next several days, as they say…we are saving the best for last.

Looking Ahead – The Next Two Weeks

We have finalized the floor plan with our builder. I cannot say often enough how great they have been to work with. We should see the outside architectural mock up drawings in the next day or two. After that we just wait for the appraisal to come in, the development to approve our house plans through their process, and then can be breaking ground.

In that same time frame we should easily be able to list our house on the marketplace, have the realty listing up with write up and photos, and maybe even have an open house (although not this weekend as it is Mother’s Day weekend)

In my Utopian Society, I would have an open house after a week on the market and would have 4 people competing for full price offers. In reality I am hoping that we have a bunch of “lookers” at the house and find at least one family that would be interested enough in our home to purchase it.

Although I am not real excited about the possibility of having to move two times, I would much rather do that and make sure I have the house sold and avoid having two house payments. Here is hoping we have lots of people looking for a fully finished 4 bedroom,  2 ¾ bath walk-out ranch style home.

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