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I’m just waiting for that political ad. You know, the one that states their opponent eats small children or kicks kittens in the face. In Iowa, where I live, the ads are getting really, really dirty. What’s interesting is it is mostly Liberals (or groups that side with Liberals) slamming the Conservatives. The Conservatives, even those going against incumbents, are not getting that dirty…it’s the incumbent Liberals going after the challenging Conservatives. And if you watch any National news, you’ll see this is a trend nationwide.

The Liberals have gone on a literal witch hunt. Literal witch hunt. It’s not in Salem this time and it’s not the Puritans, but in Delaware and Liberals. The Liberals are scared–no, terrified. To bring out that Christine O’Donnell is a witch? Come on. Who hasn’t done something in high school or college that they’re not proud of? But witch? It’s not 1692.

The truth is, no matter how much I hate negative ads, I do know why they air. Six years ago, while working as a Communications Director for a Senatorial Campaign, we didn’t go negative. We didn’t have to. My boss wasn’t and isn’t that kind of a Senator. But working in politics, I did see more than my share of negative ads. It was Bush versus Kerry after all. In expressing my disgust for negative ads, one of our advisers said to me, “Sarah, do you know why they run negative ads? Because they work.”

Sadly, he was right. They do work. Not on those who seek out the truth, not on those who research the candidates for themselves, but they work on those who catch the 30 seconds, believe it and vote. Thankfully, uninformed people rarely vote in a midterm election. The polls show Conservatives winning many races. But the polls who questioned likely voters show the Conservatives WAY ahead. Which is why the Liberals are scared. They don’t have their base energized like they did in 2008. Maybe they ran out of kool-aid, maybe no one who voted for Obama got their mortgage paid or a $20,000 check like they were promised (I’m not kidding, I know of a voter who actually believed this) or maybe no one could think of a better slogan than “Yes we can”.

Liberals, it’s time to face it. You failed. You got the power you’ve been whining and begging for years for and you failed. You’ve taken over health care, given Wall Street bail outs, gave “cash for clunkers”, bailed out the failing auto industry, continued to lose more and more jobs and seem to think the only way to solve the problem is to throw money at it—er, I mean, economic stimulus…yeah, that’s it.

Liberals are a broken record. “Stimulus, stimulus, stimulus.” In a time where families are living on one income due to a lost job, prices of everything going up and pay increases have been frozen due to the economy we’re all having to tighten our belts. All we hear is “stimulus, stimulus, stimulus”. And that, to the working American sounds like, “spend, spend, spend.” As Ronald Reagan once said, “We could say [Democrats] spend money like drunken sailors, but that would be unfair to drunken sailors. It would be unfair, because the sailors are spending their own money.”

It’s time to take back OUR country. It’s OUR money they’re spending; not theirs. Watch “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, something I love to do every two years and then vote. Learn about the candidates. Really research the issues. View everything without looking at their party affiliation and then vote. Vote for the candidate, not the party. Whether it be Democrat, Republican or Tea.

And if you plan to vote for those who voted for the bailouts, Obamacare and all of the stimulus spending, don’t forget to vote on November 3rd.