The College Bowl Season is now in the books. The experts as usual were way off on the Tostitos National Championship game predictions last night figuring this game would be a high scoring offensive explosion. I for one missed on a ton of my bowl predictions but I did get this one right. The Johnny Goodman prediction was a lower scoring defensive battle.

Overall it was a close and entertaining game. Radio talking heads are crying foul on what was a decisive play late in the game where Auburn’s running back landed on top of the defender and then got up, and with the urging of his entire sideline, continued to run down field getting the Tigers, errrrr War Eagles … errrr whatever their mascot is this week into field goal range. Some of the sports talk analysts are indicating his momentum was stopped, the whistle should have blown etc. I for one did not think he was down when I watched the play live at full speed, but admittedly knew it was close.

Overall a great job done by the Big X officiating crew last night. Of all the plays that were reviewed the only one that they got incorrect and over-turned was the last long run and they corrected the call and placed the ball at the ½ yard line after reviewing that the runners knee was indeed down.

I totally missed the memo that indicated that the Oregon Ducks have changed their official school colors from Green and Gold to Black, Gray, White and Highlight Marker Yellow. Seriously Nike, those are the 2nd worst uniforms behind the Mustard Yellow and Mud colored Denver Broncos throwback uniforms. If this keeps up I fear we will see Notre Dame come out sporting Seafoam Green with Candy Apple Red and Electric Blue highlights around the jersey name and numbers.

Might as well look forward to August and the new rankings and I want to beat everyone to the punch, so here is my Top 5 to start 2011

  1. Oklahoma – They seriously underachieved this year and get Broyles back along with an improved defense and offense.
  2. Alabama – No Mark Ingram….won’t matter
  3. Wisconsin – Big 10 will be soft next year, and thuh tattoo-oh state has to sit main players for 5 games
  4. Oregon – The ducks and their horrific uniforms continue to rule the weak Pac 10 errrrr 12
  5. South Carolina – Lattimore for Heisman!

Stay Class San Diego!