It seems that Republicans can’t keep putting their foot in their mouth about rape and abortion these days. The latest on their greatest hits album when it comes to this topic is from Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock. Yesterday during a debate with his Democratic opponent Rep. Joe Donnelly when the topic of abortion in the case of rape or incest Mourdock had this to say. “I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is a gift from God. And I think, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

Now, unlike Akin, who said his now infamous discussion on legitimate rape and magical lady parts on a local TV show, Mourdock said these comments during a senate race debate. Candidates actually prepare for debates, you knew this topic was bound to come up. So the excuse of not being prepared for the topic to come up and misspeaking is clearly not valid here. So what is the next line of action? Oh but of course, the my comments were taken out of context. No sir, your comments are being quoted fully and accurately and their meaning is quite clear. You said that you have struggled with this for a long time, you said that rape is horrible, but you said that the baby created out of that is God’s intent. So if you want to take what you said about this that even though it was horrible the rape itself must have been God’s intent. That’s just wrong – a fine argument for you to make is that every life is God’s gift, but that is not what you said. You said that your view was it was God’s intent. Just like Akin you got caught speaking your actual beliefs in public. Just fess up to it, you are entitled to your opinion, no matter how moronically wrong it may be, but at least stand by what you really meant to say after you said it.

Now after the Akin comments were made you had conservative politicians trying to force him out of the race and the party even withdrew its financial backing. However conservative voters stuck with him after that, and that is why I feel that the Republican politicians are going to tread lightly on this, this is especially true for Romney. He is not going to want to outrage the hard conservative base that actually believes this crap on the eve of the election. In such a close race you need your base to turn out in mass effect, and as such it would be devastating if some of them decided to say cast their vote the way of say a Gary Johnson instead. Although I feel their hatred of President Obama would trump just about anything, but that is besides the point.

As I was saying, Romney is not going to want to upset the base at this late stage in the game, but it is a fine line to walk. He also needs to make sure he does not upset independent voters. So here we have Mittens walking on eggs. His campaign has released a statement saying the candidate does not share the views of Mourdock on this issue. Then again how are we to really know what Mitt Romney believes in, it changes so much, it is kind of like Kansas weather, but once again I am getting off topic. On the other hand though you have the campaign standing by the lone campaign ad for a Senate candidate featuring Mitt Romney himself in it that was debuted the day before the comments. Saying that Mourdock and his principles are still the best for the job. So as with everything else in this campaign, Romney is all over the place on what he actually stands for and believes in. Then again all he really cares about is being President and in the end that means that Obama will not have the job anymore and for them that is all that matters, even if their candidate actually believes in what they do after getting the job or not.

Well that is all from me this month. Not much need to do a Bad Nut of the Month as Mourdock clearly takes the prize, but if there was a second place it would be for Ann Coulter and her multiple tweets referring to the President as a retard and her mocking and ridicule of the deaths of Arlen Specter and George McGovern. We now stand just a mere dozen days until election day, so how do you think it is going to go? It is time to play some Fantasy Politics predictions. Now I think Obama will win the popular vote by a slim margin and will win the Electoral College 288-252. I also think that the Democrats will continue to control the Senate.

In some of the high profile races McCaskill will hold on to defeat Akin in Missouri, Mourdock who was in a tight race to begin with is going to lose to Donnelly in Indiana, Murphy will beat McMahon in Connecticut, Nelson is going to defeat Mack in Florida and I also think that Elizabeth Warren will take out Scott Brown in Massachusetts. On the house side things will be likely to look much the same I hate to say, as I see the Democrats getting probably just a net gain of a seat or two, three tops. One race involving one of my favorite people to rant about is going to be mighty close. In Minnesota’s 6th district former Presidential Candidate and three term Congresswoman Michele Bachman is in her tightest race yet and in a district that was fine tuned to her chances this time around to boot. Now while I am not going to come out and say that Bachman is going to lose to Jim Graves there, I am willing to bet that the margin of victory for either candidate will be from one to two percent. Well there you have some of my predictions laid out before you and you can play along to. I don’t have much to give out in the way of prizes, but feel free to post in the comments and we can have a little fantasy political prediction game going into election day

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