2012 Republican Presidential Candidates

2012 Republican Presidential Candidates (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! This Thanksgiving I was most thankful for my family and our move to our new job that we are about to embark on. Why I am not thrilled with the packing and process of actually moving there part, I am really excited about moving to middle Tennessee from east central Kansas.

The interesting part of the process is that the Angry Squirrel will now be a Republican Presidential Primary voter. Yes you read that right, REPUBLICAN primary voter. Now don’t laugh to hard, or start to think I have had some sort of epiphany that led me to change my entire political thinking the past month. The move itself has allowed this to happen.

I will be registering to vote as soon as I can in Tennessee, and as a registered independent in the open primary state I will be able to cast my ballot in the Republican primary if I choose to do so, and as there really is not a Democratic primary to vote in this cycle, I say why not. I have been following the candidates closer than the average Republican primary voter has even. So I feel I am well-informed to cast my vote for I feel most expresses what I think the Republican Party stands for.

It should be interesting to see how things develop as February 5th rolls around, which is the date of the Tennessee Primary. We should have a pretty narrowing field of who actually are the frontrunners by that point. We will likely have Mitt stagnating at the same percentage he has had all along, give or take a few. After that will Newt and his new-found compassion for immigrants and his payoffs from lobbying for the devil keep him in frontrunner status? Will Michelle Bachmann’s strong performances in the past couple roundtable/debates show a rise once again in her numbers? Will Rick Perry stop being a douche and just exit the primary process? Will Herman Cain continue to stay at the front of things? ONly time will tell.

I will be surprised if by that point there is not some sort of movement going to cast votes a particular way in these open primary states. That is not my motive, as I am just mainly doing it for the novelty of the process since I am not used to open primaries and I figure since there is no need to do so on the Democratic side this time around why not cast my ballot for who I feel most expresses the sentiment of the current Republican party. Like I said though, I would be surprised if there was not some sort of shenanigans going on to vote one way or the other in these open primaries by the time they roll around.

So who am I going to vote for? That is a good question, and the simple answer is who knows. While in the General Election I wouldn’t vote for any of them if you forced me to. That is not the issue here. I do know it won’t be for Mitt, but other than that I really don’t know which viable contender at that point I would lend my “support” to with my vote. It’s likely going to be a toss-up between Bachmann or Cain, but you all can feel free to make your point for whom the Angry Squirrel should vote for.

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