Last Week:
Straight Up 11-9 ATS: 10-10

For the Year:
Straight Up 62-30 ATS: 46-46

Meh so so week for me .Some interesting games this week.


Nebraska (-2.5) @ Missouri Pelini has had this on the calendar since the embarrassment in Lincoln last year.  NE 27- Mizz – 10


Boston College @ Virginia Tech (-13.5) VA Tech is hot and cold.  I see the hokey pokey this week.  VA Tech 35- BC 17

Georgia @ Tennessee (-1.5) Wow .Tennessee is bad in my opinion.  This should be dawgs!  GA- 28- Tenn – 10

Iowa State @ Kansas (-19.5) Rack Chalk Jayhawk .this one will be ugly.  KU 42- ISU 14

Alabama (-6.5) @ Ole Miss Ole Miss still gets too much respect.  Bama is the quietist #3 ranked team ever.  Bama 31- Ole Miss 21

Wisconsin @ THE Ohio State (-14.5) Can Ohio State beat anyone by this much .Goodman says NO!.  OH State 22- Wisconsin 19

Oregon (-6.5) @ UCLA Oregon is back on track!  ORE 28- UCLA – 20

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-25.5) No Robert Griffith = No chance.  OU 49- Baylor 20

Stanford (-2.5) @ Oregon State Stanford is suddenly the emerald jewel of the Pac 10 conference..  Stanford 21- Ore St 20

Texas Christian (-10.5) @ Air Force Frogs Rule I love the Frogs.  TCU 31- Air Force 20

Florida (-8.5) @ Louisiana State Wow that is a big number with no Tim Tebow.  LSU 24- Florida 21

Michigan @ Iowa (-8.5) I am not drinking the Tate Forcier water just yet but ..Iowa 24- Mich 20


Cincinatti @ Baltimore (-8.5) Ravens look to rebound after tough loss last week.  Balt 29- Cin 20

Washington @ Carolina (-4)  Team with no wins at home a favorite Jeeesh.  Washington 20- Carolina 15

Pittsburgh (-12) @ Detroit Maybe no Stafford..not like it will matter.  Pitt- 35- Detroit 10

Dallas (-9) @ Kansas City Wow the Cowboys are not good.  Romo is not good.  Maybe T.O. got out while the gettin’ was good. KC- 21- Dallas 20

Minnesota (-11) @ St Louis.  How do you spell St Louis?  U-G-L-Y.  Minnesota 35- ST Louis 17

New England (-3.5) @ Denver- Broncos used too much last week to narrowly beat Dallas.  NE is much better.  New England 24- Denver 14

Jacksonville (-4) @ Seattle Still no Matt Hasselback?  Jacksonville is clicking on all cylinders.  Jax- 21- Seattle 14

New York Jets @ Miami (-1.5) Is Braylon Edwards the answer for Mark Sanchez?  Are the Jets still stinging after last week.  Nope.  Jets 24- Miami 20

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