Why do I need to leave my email address to leave a comment?

You don’t actually. It’s 100% optional.

The main reason we ask for your email address is to tie it back to your Gravatar. This allows us to display the image of your choice alongside your comments.

Other readers will never see your email address. I (Kosmo) am the only one that will ever see it. On occasion, I might send an email to thank you for a particularly insightful comment or to share further information on a topic, if you see to be looking for more details than the general readership.

I won’t spam you. I won’t add you to any of my mailing lists (because I don’t have one) nor will I sell your address to anyone else. Honestly, I just want to see your Gravatar.

Policy regarding Google Ads

Beginning in April 2009, Google (the source of the ads on this site) began tracking user activity via a cookie. This cookie will then determine what ads might be most appropriate for you, based on your interests.

People who frequently visit ESPN.com and CNNSI.com, for example, will see sports-related ads. The logic is that you will be more interested in these ads than you might be in ads that are simply related to the content of the blog.

For more information, or to opt out, go to Google Privacy Center. There is a blue “opt out” button in the upper right corner. If you do not wish to have your activity tracked, please take a minute and opt out.

If you opt out, you will continue to see ads, but they will be related to the content of the blog – something that does not require a cookie.

 Affiliate Sales Information

From time to time, we review products on The Soap Boxers.  Often, we will provide links that allow readers to easily purchase those items.  When you purchase these items, we receive a commission on the sales.

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