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Current Projects: Cardboard Canvases: An Anecdotal History of Sports Card Collecting in the Modern Era. It’s not too late to submit your entry for inclusion!

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Mountains, Meadows, and Chasms is a collection of more than 70 original short stories written by Kosmo. The stories cover a broad range of topics, including sports and crime, as the characters experience the highs (mountains), lows (chasms), and meadows (everyday experiences) of their lives. Length of stories range from 500 words to 10,000+ words.

Some of the stories are quite serious:
One of the longer stories is The Cell Window Рa story that follows a tech-savvy voyeur as he work himself into the lives of unsuspecting women.  In Mrs. Claus and The Christmas Mistress, a fake Santa uses his beard and suit to get himself invited to dinner with two attractive young women Рwhat adventures await him? Friends for Thanksgiving is a tale of a Thanksgiving dinner gone horribly awry. Some guys take football discussions too far.

Other stories are more lighthearted:
A Man Short is the story of a cheerleader helping a shorthanded football team win the big game.My Life in Hell follows Satan’s Little Helper (Andy) as he makes his daily rounds in Hades.

Many of the stories – such as A Life Disturbed and The Champion – feature sharp twists at the end.

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Sell Yourself Short: An Introduction to Short Story Writing  РThis 2500 word eBook is an introductory guide to writing short stories. Tips on idea generation, character development, plot development, and more.

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