Minor changes

August 12, 2009

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You might have noticed a few changes to the design.

  • I have added some splashes of pink to the main (center) column.  Everything that is pink is a clickable link (the article titles are also links, despite not being pink).  Additionally, virtually everything in the left and right column is a link.  Poke around.  Click on the links.  Why did I choose pink for the links in the center column?  Because it seemed to provide good visual contrast from the background.  However, design is definitely not my strong suit, so if there is a backlash against pink, I will reconsider!
  • Related articles (from The Soap Boxers) and related websites (articles from other blogs) will be highlighted at the bottom of articles.  I am using a plug-in for this (Related Websites) and it can be a bit hit-and-miss at times, so you might see some things mentioned that don’t really seem very related.
  • A few more incredibly minor changes minor changes that I doubt anyone figures out 🙂

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