What Are the Broncos Thinking?

April 27, 2010

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Editor’s note: Today, Johnny Goodman resumes his regular gig on The Soap Boxers.  Good to have you back, Johnny.

Tim Tebow … Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow …

The Media cannot get enough of this guy. I am thoroughly convinced anyone living outside of Gainesville is sick and tired of seeing his mug on the television.

Of course he is a good guy. I mean the guy is practically a minister. Never in the history of football has a player put God in the forefront so much. Heck he even put bible versus on his eye black stickers that he wore for each and every game last year.

Which is part of the reason the NCAA passed a rule this off-season that messages on eye black are now a big fat no-no … No longer acceptable. I mean we would hate to have eye black patches get us into a big church vs. state discussion right … Not as long as Tim Tebow was in College, but now that he is gone, let’s get the rule into place.

The media made this guy the popular guy he is. Let’s break down what he was at Florida.

  • Heisman Trophy winner
  • Popular with the fans
  • A great leader for his team
  • Urban Meyer’s favorite player of all time
  • A big bruising punishing runner of a quarterback

What Tim Tebow was not at Florida

  • A good passer
  • A guy with a great Quarterback motion
  • A pro prospect at QB

What is Tim Tebow? A great Human being. A god loving Human being … I mean he has told us all about a million times right. Tim Tebow as a football player in college is nothing more than a media over-hyped and glorified Scott Frost, the former Husker QB who went on to play a few years as a safety in the NFL. Frost was also a big guy, could throw just a little but had a funky motion, but he was like a linebacker when running the football. Big and punishing, and good enough to lead the Huskers and Tom Osborne to a National Championship in 1997, Osborne’s final season.

What are the Denver Bronco’s thinking? This guy is NOT a pro quarterback, not even close. When they ask him if he is will to get better and change and do whatever, what do you expect him to say? “No coach, I want to be a quarterback only, I have no desire to change.”

I give the kid credit for working on changing his throwing motion since the end of the NCAA season, but trust me, Glorified Scott Frost, which is a big compliment while in college, but a huge let down for Bronco’s fan expecting him to be their savior at QB.

I personally think Josh Daniels just put himself about 5 steps closer to the door.

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  1. Martin Kelly
    Apr 28, 2010 @ 11:00:34

    John, I have a short resonse.

    What are the Broncos thinking? We have no quarterback, maybe Tebow can help us win a couple of games.

    They have not made many good descisions since they dumped Shanahan. Then again they dumped Dan Reeves when he took them to the Super Bowl, so you could say they have been not thinking since back then.

    Your lucky, my Steelers may make good managment descisions, but it looks like we have yet another generation of the dumbest players in the world.


  2. kosmo
    Apr 28, 2010 @ 12:47:17

    OK, so the Broncos need a quarterback. But why TEBOW, rather than McCoy or Claussen?


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