A Life Disturbed

May 14, 2010

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Kevin cursed as he saw that the side mirror was once again coming loose from the door.  This car was a cheap piece of plastic – nothing like the classic metal Detroit used to produce.  He had been getting the mirror fixed at least once a month for the last year.  He put the magenta sports car into gear and floored the accelerator as he exited the parking lot.

Kevin slid around the corner on two wheels and once again accelerated into the long straightaway.  When he popped up over the hill, he saw livestock roaming at the bottom of the hill – four cows, a pig, a few chickens, and something that appeared to resemble a buffalo.  The fence that typically restrained the animals was laying flat in the ditch – the apparent victim of the mid-day windstorm.  Kevin took evasive action, slowing the car slightly as he roared by on the shoulder – which had, fortunately, not become home to the mobile menagerie.

Kevin’s foul mood worsened when he realized that his mother-in-law was still at their house.  Was this woman never going to leave?  It seemed that she was constantly at their house.

“Leah, we must put a stop to this.  Your mother has to leave!”

“Stop yelling, Kevin.  It will just be a few more days.”

“It’s always just a few more days.  It’s been just a few more days for the last month!”

Kevin stormed upstairs to change into some comfortable clothes.  His head nearly exploded when he entered the room and saw that bedroom was missing the king sized waterbed.  An air mattress was now in its place.  To make matters worse, the twins’ bed and toys had all been transported into the room.  It was impossible to walk in the room without tripping over something.

Sarah had to be stopped.  It was bad enough that she was overstaying her welcome, but she was not going to steal his bed.  The woman was going to sleep on the air mattress and share a room with the kids.  If she didn’t like the accommodations, there was a hotel two blocks down the road.

Kevin finished tying his shoe laces and returned downstairs for the inevitable confrontation.  He spotted his mother-in-law in the kitchen.

“Sarah,” he began.  “You must stop –“

Kevin lost his train of thought when he looked around the room.  The refrigerator and stove had been torn loose from the wall, and the entire kitchen was in disarray.  What on earth had happened in here?  Had the old woman completely lost her marbles and attempted to destroy the house?

He had only a moment to ponder the question before he felt the earth move under his feet.  He made eye contact with Sarah and saw fear in her eyes.  This was an earthquake – a very bad one.  The house shook uncontrollably – debris flew in every direction.  This was the end – Kevin knew that he was going to die.

“Jennifer,” called out a voice from downstairs.  “Have you put your dollhouse away yet?  Supper is ready.”

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