Let Your Freak Flag Fly

March 24, 2011

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Hey! You’re a freak. I’m a freak. Everyone is a freak.

Take some time today to share unique aspects of your personality with others. You can start by chatting about it in the comments.

I have a lot of unique aspects … but the thing that probably raises the most eyebrows is my fascination with serial killers. Murder in general interest me, because law enforcement can’t talk to the victim to get any information about the perp. OK, I guess Ducky from NCIS can talk to the bodies, but most cops probably don’t … and the ones that do probably don’t expect a response.

Class dismissed!

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  1. Squeaky
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 11:50:29

    OK, I’ve been thinking about this.

    I like ladies feet. Not in a funky way, but they do turn me on or off. Allow me to explain. When I was dating, I would make sure to have a good look at the girls feet at some point. No, it’s not a fettish and I didn’t try to get romantic with her feet. I always operated under the assumption that most people would take care of their feet last. Their face, hair, body would fall higher on the list. Their feet though—no one sees them so only someone that takes pride in themselves would care for their feet.

    You ever see those feet that look like they need a metal grinder taken to them? Toe nails that look like a tornado just took down a farm house and this is what’s left? Those are not goof findings. If a girl isn’t gettng rid of the 10 layers of dead skin that looks like a sand dune, the female hygeine is likely going to be in the same condition. That was always a knock out for me. Bad feet = bad future. Good feet = we have potential.

    Murder and serial killers are both interesting topics Kos. There is always more to learn and I’m sure there are some great video’s out there of interviews with the perps. I like reading about what makes their minds tick, although it’s usually so confusing and dark that I get depressed by it. Oh well, such is life.


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