The Political Failures of Barack Obama

October 6, 2011

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Its Playoff time both in politics and baseball, are you paying attention?

The weather is beginning to cool, the leaves are falling, the MLB playoff games are occupying the networks (irritating my wife) and the political ads and debates have begun (again, irritating my wife).

Yes, it’s fall in the United States and we have just over one year until we vote for the new president of the United States. The Conservatives want to unseat Barack Obama making him a one term president and the Liberals are chanting four more years.

I believe that Obama has a really good shot at winning this election. I think he will definitely follow in George W Bush’s footsteps and serve the two terms that he is eligible for. After all, why wouldn’t he be elected? Think of all the successes his regime, I mean his administration has had:

  • A drowning and failing economy
  • Largest Federal deficit ever (2008 was $458 Billion while 2011 $1,645 Billion)
  • Billions of dollars given to a companies like Solyndra that he believed were “exemplary” when they were really crooked and destined for bankruptcy. The emails WILL be released and will tell all.
  • The closing (ok, actually not closing) of Gitmo
  • The passing of the unaffordable Obamacarewhich has yet to be reviewed by the Supreme Court for its Constitutionality.
  • Trying Gitmo detainees in civilian US Courts rather than the military courts
  • Joe Biden
  • Iran is refining plutonium and readying to build a nuclear device. So much for Barack’s diplomacy that he felt would work. We delayed and missed the chance to destroy this facility.
  • Did I mention Joe Biden?
  • He promised that the $787 Billion Stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%
  • Eric Holder accused of lying about Operation Fast and Furious, special counsel requested to investigate
  • Obama accusing Cambridge police of acting stupidly…really? You know what about officer safety?
  • Jimmy Hoffa while introducing Obama speaks of Republicans and says that they need to “take these sons of bitches out”. Obama didn’t correct him?

There has definitely been a lot of hope and change over the last couple of years. I see the positive spin that Obama has put on things. I see that he has eliminated pork in bills, merged the gap between conservatives and liberals, gotten away from the unions and the party lines. Hope and change is abounding and who wouldn’t want four more years of this? The experience that Obama has in dealing with budgets, payroll, etc…those are priceless. His leadership has certainly kept a short leash on Joe Biden and he’s done an excellent job of foregoing expensive and unnecessary parties at the White House. He started with the most expensive inauguration party in history and hasn’t stopped.

My question is why would anyone want an experienced business man like Mitt Romney to try and get a handle on the economy? He has had four years of political experience serving as the Massachusetts Governor (enough to understand politics but not be an insider). Nahhh, why would we want an effective President?

What about Herman Cain? Cain worked at several large organizations such as Coca Cola, Pillsbury, Burger King and Godfather’s Pizza. He later worked for the National Restaurant Association (no, not THAT NRA) and served on the Board of Directors at the Federal Reserve. What is the 9-9-9 plan anyway? Again, someone with fresh ideas that isn’t an insider and isn’t bought and paid for by the unions.

Maybe you’re right, maybe we should stick with the “hope and change” that someone elected in 2008 and forget changing things. Well, maybe we could change a few things, like the debt, the tax code, the new mandatory health insurance plan, Joe Biden, pork bills, lobbyists. Then again maybe I’m nuts!

What are you going to do in the Primaries? The first primary is (as of now scheduled for January 21st) is just a few months away, who will you be voting for? Who has your eye for now? Please tell me it isn’t Barack Obama. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Anyone but Obama 2012


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  1. Angry Squirrel
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 21:48:31

    Well you forgot the number one failure of Obama as President, Thinking that Republicans gave a shit about anything other than making sure you are not reelected and nothing can be a positive for your term in office. Now I am not chanting four more years either,but since there is not a viable liberal alternative I will have to settle for voting for the centrist in office right now.

    On another note, Actually Nevada is now going to caucus on January 14 and Iowa is possibly going to move into December so they maintain their we must be firstness. We will see how things go but out of this field I say Perry will still win. Cain’s i am not Mitt Romney popularity will go down. Especially after his comments that everyone who is unemployed has no one to blame but them damn selves comments, while he tried to backtrack on his comments that he meant only unemployed liberals. The actual words coming out of his mouth were crystal clear.

    We will see though how it all plays out but how the race is looking to shape up it is going to be extremely hard for to be able to come off the far right ledge the eventual nominee will be on to appeal to a General Election electorate. Heck even the protest voting Indpendents will be reconsidering that although I dont like how things have gone that there is no freaking way they are going to vote for this piece of crap over here.


  2. kosmo
    Oct 07, 2011 @ 09:28:30

    Regardless of how he meant it, Cain’s statement about the unemployed seems to be the perfect sound bite for his opponents to use against him, especially with unemployment as such a hot topic.


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