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December 1, 2011

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Christmas is around the corner, and people are turning to the internet more than ever before.  I’m a big fan of Amazon … are here are some gift ideas from the big A.

If you’re in the market for a 100+ inch TV and have $40,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you can snap up this Panasonic 103 inch model.If you’re a bit more budget conscious, you can get the 85 inch model for under $20,000. 
The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s entry into the tablet market.  It’s better than a standard eReader, but not quite as good as an iPad.  But if you’re new to the tablet game, it’s a relatively inexpensive ($199) set of training wheels.  For a rundown of all the current Kindle models, read my review.
The world is slowly shifting from DVD to Blu-Ray.  We’re still a DVD family, but there are rumblings of getting a Blu-Ray player lately.  If you get a WiFi-enabled player, you can stream NetFlix to the players.  Don’t forget HDMI cables.
Smurfin’ Awesome
I like Stephen King’s writing, but am not a huge fan of his genre – so when he steps outside the box a bit.  In 11/22/63, his characters go through a portal and arrive before JFK’s assassination.  Interesting.
Baseball’s just around the corner – time to snap up a jersey of your favorite player.
I’ve seen these in stores, and it seems like a pretty slick idea.  3 slow cooker (crock pots) in one base.  Three separate controls, but just one power cord.  Here’s another variation on the theme.
 Not enough room at the kitchen table for all the guests?  Maybe a card table is the answer.  Need more space?  This table will seat 8.
Looking for a new game to play?  Try Phase 10.  The rules are easy enough for kids to understand, but the strategies of other players can make it difficult to win.
My kids love this game.  The youngest (not quite two) just likes to play with the fish. 
 Don’t forget the dog.  I know nothing about dog toys, but a friend tells me that Kong toys are the most durable dog toys he has seen.
If I have to explain why you’d want to buy a coffee mug shaped like a toilet, then you’re not the type of person that would buy it anyway.
If you’re not sure what to buy, you can opt for an Amazon gift card.


OK, that’s my motley selection of Christmas ideas from Amazon.  Are there any cool items you would recommend?


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