BCS National Championship

January 10, 2012

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I did learn three things watching the National Championship game last night.

  1. Brent Musburger likes to use the phrase Honey Badger more than I like to eat Beef Jerky (trust me on this one…I am a big fan of beef jerky)
  2. No one outside of Alabama or Louisiana really even wanted to see these two teams play again in a bowl game this year.
  3. Another over hyped, super boring, BCS National Title Game.


Did anyone outside of Alabama or Louisiana really even want to see these two teams play again in a bowl game this year.

Matching up teams that have already faced each other in the same season always seems to be a recipe for disaster – at least in terms of creating an exciting bowl game to tune in and watch.

It has happened plenty of times before. Oklahoma and Nebraska in the Orange Bowl on New Year’s Day 1979, Miami and Florida State faced off a few times in bowl games to see who could have the most unsportsmanlike penalties called on their team.

This year was no different. All that was proven is that Nick Saban had his team better prepared, better coached and more confident and it showed last night.

Somewhere Mike Gundy is wondering how the Oklahoma State Cowboys would have fared.

I realize the Cowpokes blew a game to lowly Iowa State on the Road earlier this year. But I am sure they would have generated more than 92 yards of total offense which was the output of the Bayou Bengals.

Many folks in SEC country will say that these two teams have stellar defenses, and that is what wins championships, and that is why neither team can score touchdowns against one another in what becomes a punt, pass and kick competition without the passing.

While it is apparent that both teams are loaded with talent on defense, Jordan Jefferson is not a good passer. LSU was unable to even move past midfield until late in the 4th quarter. Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron had a career game mainly due to a fine game plan that had him frequently rolling out of the pocket and completing short passes. This appeared to get him confidence early.

Bama threw the ball early and often at Heisman Trophy finalist Tyrann Mathieu. Unfortunately for the basically home crowd LSU fans, Mathieu was basically unable to make any significant plays in the ballgame defensively.

I guessed I also learned that honey badger don’t care that elephants are dominating his football team.

Oh well, as most all college football fans say everywhere else but in Alabama….

There is always next year.

Stay Classy, Tuscaloosa.

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  1. Kosmo @ The Soap Boxers
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 13:04:26

    “I realize the Cowpokes blew a game to lowly Iowa State on the Road earlier this year.”

    We actually played pretty well down the stretch – it’s not like Iowa State was 2-10.

    I do wonder how much of an impact the plane crash earlier that day had. OSU didn’t use it as an excuse, but it had to be affecting them emotionally.


  2. Jack Radar
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 13:20:53

    A radio show this morning said that Brent Musberger used the term “honey badger” fourteen times last night. It got pretty annoying.

    Hopefully, within the next couple of years, we’ll get a playoff system in all of college football, not just the lower divisions. An Oklahoma State against Alabama game next weekend would look pretty good right now.


  3. kosmo
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 14:10:50

    Also, wouldn’t it make more sense if Montee Ball was known as the Honey Badger?


  4. Martin Kelly
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 12:07:28

    I am just rembmering back to 2005 where the University of Texas only had one loss (to #9 Texas Tech who had lost to #1 Oklahoma who had lost to #2 Texas) and there were nation wide protests about them being in any of the BSC bowls at all, much less a rematch for the national title. The reason given by the press corp was that Texas had not even won there division much less their conference so they should not be considered. Coach Mack Brown was classy about it stating “if we had taken care of business in Lubbuc, there would be no question”.

    So now we had to have a rematch in only slightly different circumstances with most of the press corp demanding that the nation title had to be between the two best teams regardless of conference championship. These are the same people who claim that the SEC is the best conference hands down. Interesting since only a few of the sixteen teams have outstanding records including out of conference records. All of the conferences have their powerhouses, let each conference provide a champion then we can sort out who the national chapion is.

    Just my rant. Thanks for the analysis Johnny.


  5. Kosmo @ The Soap Boxers
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 12:13:46

    What annoys me is that LSU looks like complete crap in the title game, and they are STILL #2 in the polls?

    Sure, Okie State lost to Iowa State. But let’s not forget that Iowa State was a bowl team, it was in Ames, and Okie State had suffered a tragedy that morning with the deaths of members of the women’s basketball coaching staff – and it was an overtime loss.

    I’d put Okie State 2 and LSU no higher than #3.


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