College Football – Week 1

September 4, 2012

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Week #1 is in the books. Many were aghast at how Alabama handled Michigan. Wisconsin and Iowa really struggled and were to a large extent lucky to escape with victories last week. A few even went to bed early to ensure they were up for Cheerios, their morning cup of joe…and the Fighting Irish.


The cameras were once again focused on Happy Valley. Not much to be happy about there these days when it comes to football. I predicted last week in my article that the Ohio Bobcats, or as we call them at the SoapBoxers – the Fighting Frank Soliches, would pull off a win at Beaver Stadium. Penn State came out full of emotion with jerseys full of names on the backs for the first time ever. They left after being outcoached, and outplayed by a veteran quarterback Tyler Tettleton. The most interesting thing that ESPN/ABC could manage to say about Tettleton is that his dad played Major League Baseball.

A more interesting fact would be why the Buckeye Band always spells the word OHIO and NOT Ohio St. in their big pre-game routine before each game. I assume ALL of the Bobcat fans love when the Buckeyes dot the “I” in Ohio – – as clearly that is a sign of solidarity for the state of Ohio. Either that or the teachers at OSU have never taught the band to spell out “STATE”

Regardless of this useless trivia factoid digression, ESPN had no post game interview with the winning Ohio coach, Frank Solich in what is undoubtedly one of the biggest victories in terms of “Big Wins” for the program while at Ohio University (next to their bowl game win last year, the first in school history) Instead the geniuses at ESPN put a camera in front of the losing coach, Bill O’Brien

This next week the cameras will be on again as Penn State travels to Virginia to take on the Cavaliers…I guess they will have the losing coach interview two weeks in a row. Maybe a better question is why is a team that barely skirted the “Death Penalty” on television every week thus far?

Is it Too Early?


Le-Veon Bell

To talk Heisman Trophy? I think it is but again the sports hacks that blog and that “report” the news have nothing better to write about. In this day and age of instant news and constant speculations, it is normally the best beauty pageant job marketing a good player by one of the major sports sources (ESPN, ABC, CBS) that helps a player garner the most votes at the end of the year.

Matt Barkley will be in the early lead and frankly it is likely his award to lose since most of the talking heads have already anointed him the man to beat…(of course that was the case for Andrew Luck for the past two years as well and he never received the hardware)

Unlike the copycats that all put the same names on the dotted line in the fishwrap each week, I am giving you my top Heisman Contenders after week #1 based on statistics and performance alone.

#1 – Le-Veon Bell – Michigan State – All he did was tote the mail a whopping 44 times for 210 yards for the Spartans in a win over ranked Boise State. The otherwise anemic offense relied totally on Bell, who added another 55 yards receiving for the game but the Broncos still could not stop him.

#2 – Austin Franklin – New Mexico State, hauled in 8 catches for an incredible 236 yards and 2 touchdowns against lackluster Idaho State.

#3 – Braxton Miller – Ohio State – I am going to seem like a B1G 10 homer this week but as Shakira says…the Stats don’t Lie. Miller rolled it up on weak Miami of Ohio, passing for 207 and 2 touchdowns and running for 161 yards and another score. If his passing numbers were not so weak, he would be higher on the list.

#4 – Johnathan Franklin – UCLA – ran out of control in the opener with 214 yards and 3 TD’s on just 15 attempts. He should face a bit of a better defense in Nebraska this week than he saw in the opener. And speaking of the Huskers…

#5 – Taylor Martinez – Nebraska – Looked like the reincarnation of Vince Ferragamo as he threw for 5 touchdowns and 354 yards while completing over 76% of his attempts in a rout of Southern Miss, the defending Conference USA Champions.

Until next time….Stay classy Reynoldsburgh, Ohio.

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  1. kosmo
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 10:45:05

    “They left after being outcoached, and outplayed by a veteran quarterback Tyler Tettleton. The most interesting thing that ESPN/ABC could manage to say about Tettleton is that his dad played Major League Baseball.”

    I was actually wondering if Mickey was his dad.


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