A New Religion – And Obama Is Their Profit

November 29, 2012

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I totally flubbed up my election prediction last month. I don’t feel bad, GOP’s experts who are paid millions totally flubbed up too. Nearly all of their polls were wrong on battleground states. Half of the Democrat Obama voters I knew we’re voting Romney this time around and I didn’t even have to give them the ‘vote your values’ pitch.

Jamie Foxx’s recent praise service to Obama is quite indicative of neo-American Culture which many credit to Obama’s win. I always assumed “Hope and Change” was faith and expectations in the Obama policies. How in the world could Obama win after breaking every campaign promise? The only promise I can think of that he’s kept is universal healthcare (AKA Obamacare). I remember George HW Bush, our 41st president, only breaking one campaign promise “…no new taxes” and he lost. Learning from his father’s mistake’s, George W. Bush our 43rd president, worked quickly to fulfill campaign promises his first term and won reelection.

The faith of liberals is not in policies and campaign promises but in the cultural change of President Obama. Nominating Romney fulfilled the doctrine of the New Religion. A rich white male is the antithesis to the New Religion and is, symbolically, the devil. Obama has it out for the rich and the successful. Obama’s followers worship at the same altar. Obama doesn’t have to succeed today or keep any of his promises as long as the rich suffer. Obama doctrine is that it is better that all suffer if the rich suffer more. It is not allowed for all to succeed if the success is unequal. That is the first commandment:

“There is a certain point where you have made enough money.”

-President Obama

Congressional Democrats are on board with this and certainly approve of taking from the rich so the poor can stay home.

“Unemployment benefits are creating jobs faster than practically any other program.”

-Nancy Pelosi

Sounds nice don’t it? None of the government programs have created jobs including unemployment benefits but what she says is good doctrine because it punishes the rich. All this spending and debt will force the hand of conservative to raise taxes to pay for it. Guess who Obama wants to tax. Everyone! Tax everyone but start with the rich they must suffer more.

Harry Reid and others are doing their part by pushing UN treaties like UN Agenda 21 whose purpose is:

“…to promote patterns of consumption and production that reduces environmental stress and meet the basic needs of society.”

– Agenda 21 Chapter 4 Objective 7(A)

I added emphasis because it is the New Religion’s doctrine that “basic needs” are provided for by the government after wealth is confiscated from the rich. Agenda 21 is anti-capitalist and fits nicely with the New Religion. The UN is a perfect vehicle for limiting wealth, production, consumption, and destroy capitalism. This is why Harry Reid pushes UN treaties so hard in the Senate. Watch the Senate this next week on the UN CRPD treaty Harry is bringing to a vote. If the US enacts UN treaties our standard of living will decline but the rich people will suffer more.

Romney and others said the “47%” will vote with their pocket books. Conservatives have said The People have voted for free stuff. That is half the truth. The People voted to punish the rich, for free stuff, and ‘basic needs’ taken care of by the government. It is the only thing the Obama administration has succeeded at in the last four years.

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  1. kosmo
    Nov 29, 2012 @ 10:10:42

    I’ll disagree with you on the topic of unemployment benefits (and other programs) creating jobs. Anything that stimulates consumption is going to create jobs to some degree. If people have more money, they are typically going to buy more goods and services. That means that production needs to be increased to keep pace, and that means more jobs.

    Whether creating jobs in this manner makes any sense is a different question, since the country incurs debt to do this. Although, in theory, the state unemployment programs are supposed to be fully supported by FUTA premiums paid by employers (and in some states, employees as well).

    “The 47%” has become shorthand for “those who contribute nothing to society and get handouts”. Someone really needs to dig into this number deeper, because that’s not what “the 47%” actually is. The 47% of tax returns that have no liability represent far less than 47% of the population, and many of the subgroups that aren’t paying taxes did (or will) pay substantial taxes for many year. I haven’t found a good way to parse publically available data to find this number. (More of my 47%ers rant here: http://www.thesoapboxers.com/who-are-the-47/ )


  2. Zarberg
    Dec 13, 2012 @ 14:59:56

    Oh, those poor oppressed rich people. When will someone step up to champion those making more than a million a year?!?


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