Jenna’s cheerleader skirt fluttered in the breeze and she yanked the gas station receipt from the pump.  $50 for a tank of gas?  Ouch.  She was about to jump back in the car when she realized that she was running low on funds.  She exchanged quick greetings with the cashier as she made a beeline for the ATM.  A moment later, she had refilled her wallet with pictures of dead presidents.

Jenna remembered that her mom had asked her to pick up a few items at the grocery store on the way home from the wrestling meet.  She didn’t want to backtrack to the store – she’d just pick them up here.  She experienced a bit of sticker shock when she grabbed the first item – this was far more expensive than the grocery store.  Jenna decided to bite the bullet – she wasn’t going to waste the time going back to the grocery store just to save a few bucks.

The bell on the door jingled and man in his mid thirties entered the store. He grabbed a Pepsi and a package of Ding Dongs and headed to the counter.

“Any gas with that?” asked Mary, the cashier.

“No,” came the gruff response.  “Just give me all the money in the register.”  The man shoved a gun into Mary’s face.

Mary hesitated for a moment, and the man fired a shot into the security camera.  As pieces of the camera fell to the floor, Mary opened the register and started pulling bills out of the drawer.  She shoved them across the counter to the robber.

“That’s not enough,” he complained.  “What’s in the safe?”

“It’s on a time lock,” Mary explained.  “I can’t open it.”

“Maybe this will help you figure out a way to get it open,” he said, firing several shots in Mary’s direction as she ducked for cover.

Out of the corner of his eye, the robber noticed the petite blond cheerleader at the back of the store.  As he turned the gun toward her, he noticed a projectile flying toward him.  The object had knocked the gun out of his hand before he could react.  Before he could move toward the gun, a second object hit him square in the forehead.  The can of frozen orange juice exploded upon impact.

Jenna charged down the aisle and tackle the robber will all the force her ninety five pound body could muster.  As she grappled with the perp, the cashier retrieved the pistol and held the robber at gunpoint until the police arrived.