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POCATELLO (FNN)  An Idaho man recently broke a long standing record for turkey consumption.  Local welder Gerald Cooper ate turkey three times a day for 366 straight days – an incredible 1098 consecutive meals.  More incredibly, all of the turkey was prepared for Thanksgiving 2008!  FNN sent reporter Scoop Chevelle to Pocatello to get the scoop.

SCOOP:  Wow, Gerald.  Color me impressed.  What inspired you to do this?

COOP:  Well, Scoop, it really started by accident.  Wal-Mart had this great deal on turkeys, so I bought a bunch.  I planned a huge party for turkey day last year.  Hundreds of my closest friends and 600 pounds of turkey.  Unfortunately, I was a bit drunk when I sent the invitations.  In hindsight, the mailbox I put them into may have been a storm drain.  The end result is that nobody showed up.

SCOOP:  So you were left with 600 pounds of turkey and decided to eat all of it yourself?

COOP:  Yeah, that’s pretty much it.  Hey, I have a couple of big deep freezes, so I just tossed the leftovers into the iceboxes.  Really, it wasn’t bad for the first few months.  Obviously, Idaho has the best potatoes in the world – yeah, I see you Ireland.  Bring it ON!  The cranberries did get a bit gamey after the first week, though.

SCOOP:  How have you kept from getting sick of turkey every day?

COOP:  For the first six months, I just had plain old turkey sandwiches.  Then I began to mix it up a bit.  Turkey chili, turkey stroganoff, turkey energy shakes, turkey whiskey, turkey waffles, turkey tacos, turkey thermidor.

SCOOP:  Have you ever come close to missing a meal?

COOP:  Yes – May 18th was extremely close.  I was a bit hung over, and it was 11:30 by the time I realized that I hadn’t had my breakfast yet.  I snuck it in just under the wire.  Hey, as long as you’re done before noon, it counts as breakfast.

SCOOP:  How much turkey is left?

COOP:  Happily, none.  I had a handful of friends over last night, and we polished off the last 20 pounds.

SCOOP:  So, are you looking forward to Thanksgiving 2010?

COOP:  I think I’m having ham next year.


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