Review: Lady Antebellum – Need You Now

April 11, 2010

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Lady Antebellum has exploded in popularity in the last year. Today, I review the album Need you Now.

Cheris Song  
Need You Now I recently heard this referred to as “The Booty Call Song”.  That’s probably not the most elegant way to describe it. but also not entirely wrong.
Our Kind of Love I love the very beginning of this song, and overall, it’s a pretty good song about a special love.  At this point in the album, you really begin to take notice of the strong instrumental aspects of this album.
American Honey Far and away the best song on the album.  Quite often, I’ll listen to this song of “growing up slow, like American honey” a half dozen times in a row.
 Hello World Like Our Kind of Love, I also enjoy the very beginning of this song.  Hello World slows things down a bit and talks about what’s really important in life.  The choice to put this back to back with American Honey results in a rather interest audio contrast – which I enjoy.
Perfect Day The tone of the music becomes upbeat again, taking us through a day which will surely be remembered as one of the “good old days”.
Love This Pain Ah, love can be so painful at times … but it’s the best sort of pain, isn’t it?  A nice toe-tapping beat.
When You Got a Good Thing This song is another slower song, describing a wonderful love between two people – “you gotta know when you’ve got a good thing.”
Stars Tonight Once again, the song has a very strong instrumental introduction.  Stars Tonight takes us inside the experience of being a musician on the stage in front of an adoring crowd.  I’ll give this song the nod as the second best song on the album and award five Cheris.
If I Knew Then A tale of regret at missing the opportunity for love – messing up the chance at true love in a number of different ways.
Something ‘Bout a Woman There’s just something about a woman that makes the singer feel wonderful – even the seemingly insignificant parts of her.
Ready to Love Again The album ends on a slower note.  An album filled with quite a few upbeat love songs finishes up with a song of a woman deciding to finally move on and take the risk of falling in love again.
Album grade: This is a stunningly strong album, top to bottom.  I personally think that American Honey is off the charts in terms of quality, and there really isn’t a weak song in the mix.  Not only are the songs well written and well sung, but they also feature very strong instrumentals.  I have no problems awarding a perfect five Cheri rating.  Lady Antebellum consists of Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood, and Hillary Scott.

Lady Antebellum
Need You Now

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