Is Cheating OK If You Win?

March 22, 2011

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Ah…the first weekend of games is over for the NCAA basketball tourney….Most of you are complaining about your Brackets being “busted” in your office pools. The Big East showed that it is clearly the most over-rated conference in all of NCAA basketball. While getting Eleven teams into the tourney, most took an early exit. The East Coast bias always throws them on a pillar of excellence, but this year they crashed and burned. Louisville…upset in the first round. Number 1 Seed Pittsburgh, smoked out by the lowly Butler Bulldogs. Granted two teams were eliminated by other Big East teams but overall the performance of Big East schools has been exceedingly lackluster at best.

Bruce Pearl and the Tennessee Rocky Toppers get bounced and then so does the coach. For cheating. Nice to see a school step up and can someone for a change for cheating. Let’s look around the brackets at other well known and busted cheaters such as John Calipari, Jim Calhoun. Why do schools continue to hire these guys? Duh….Winning!

Football is even more bogus. Schools get busted all the time and nothing and I mean NOTHING happens to the coaches. Jim Tressel is the latest one to fall under the trap and not be smart enough to avoid serious ramifications. Will Ohio State remove him? Doubtful…why…..DUH!!! Winning!

The most recent Big Cheat was paraded on to the Capital One Game Day set to talk about the National Title game two years ago and then promptly left for the NFL and the Seattle Seahawks. I am guessing Pete Carroll felt that he had done “all he could do at USC” and was ready to get “back into the NFL and the challenges it provides” Nope, liar again here sneaky Pete….you saw the steamroller called NCAA Sanctions coming and you ran like Chicken Little to the safe haven of the NFL, just before the house of cards came crashing in and your old beloved college school got smashed with sanctions and loss of scholarships.

The All time Biggest Cheater award goes to none other than Lou Holtz. How the hell ESPN pays this guy is beyond me. Cheater Lou had 4 coaching stints that are proven or pretty much guaranteed that he was cheating. Arkansas – He leaves, they go on probation, Minnesota and the House that Ricky Fogge built…you guessed in Lou again moves on to greener pastures and Whammo! The Gophers get hit by the NCAA. Of course the NCAA is not dumb enough to try and take on Touchdown Jesus, so while at Notre Dame, Lou’s cheaters ways go noticed but unseen, and Notre Dame goes from woeful to suddenly a National Powerhouse…..coincidence? He then hangs it up for 3 years (was he forced out or was the speaking circuit really that good?) and then goes to South Carolina, where …you guessed it, once he retires…shocking as this may be…they go on probation.

Am I the only one noticing a trend here???

Bottom line is until the NCAA does something to permanently remove coaches from the ranks of college athletics for cheating, nothing is going to greatly change. Boosters and coaches will continue to cheat the system, push the envelope and try to swindle in the best recruits for one basic and simple reason…

Duh….Winning! Duh…..

Stay Classy Richmond Spiders!

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  1. Martin Kelly
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 10:30:24

    Johnny, I agree. At least part of the penalty should follow the coach. The Pete Carrol situation make it harder since he left the system, but if you made the penatly perpetualy, then any school hiring them would still feel the effects. Some would undoubtedly still hire some of these guys because of “winning” and the draw the produce.


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