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August 27, 2011

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OK, it’s a grab bag of random thoughts today.

First of all, the other writers don’t get enough credit.  This site stated out as my baby, and in the early days I was writing 5-7+ articles every single week.  I can’t imagine how this was possible, but I made it happen.  Over the years, the number of regular writers has grown to the point where I write between one and three articles each week – much more manageable.  In addition to taking a big chunk of the load, the other writers also introduce unique perspectives.  A heartfelt thank you.

There’s a new car in Kosmo’s garage.  The first three car purchases I made were Ford Tauruses.  This time around, not only did we go outside the Ford family, but also with a foreign car maker.  The “new” car is a 2007 Hyundai Elantra with about about 66,000 miles on it.  It will be used primarily for for 70 mile round trip commute.  The previous owner stated that it would get 35 on long stretches of highway.  I can definitely believe that.  I mix in a bit of town driving and am getting in the 32-33 mpg range so far.

I’m still hoping to see more $99 HP Touchpads pop onto the market after seeing my order confirmed and then canceled.  However, in fairness, it sounds like I was only able to place an order in the first place because of a glitch with Barnes and Noble’s web site.

Hurricane Irene is going to be in the news all weekend, and she threatens the east coast.  I’m hoping for the best.  If you’re in the affected region, please stay safe and heed any warnings (or orders) to evacuate.  Many people are watching New York City, which has tremendous financial exposure to a hurricane.  Hopefully the storm will have weakened somewhat by the time it hits New York.

I haven’t been writing much new fiction for the site lately.  I do apologize for that, but if you find yourself in dire need of my stories, you can always grab a copy of Mountains, Meadows, and Chasms from Amazon (Kindle edition).  I do expect to get back to at least one story per month in the future.  Weekly stories may be a thing of the past, though.

One of the reasons why I haven’t been writing as many stories – or articles – lately is the sheer number of projects on my plate at the moment.  I’m engaged in a few activities that are actually producing revenue streams, and feel obliged to devote some time to those efforts, even though they aren’t as much fun as writing fiction.

Between the activite projects and the ones I’m trying to get off the ground, I could probably work full time on my writing for the next six months without needing anything new to work on.  However, the fact that I have a “real job” means squeezing these projects into a small chunk of free time.  I’ve just begun work on a series of novellas about an unconventional detective.  I plan to do a simultaneous launch with two of the novellas (on Kindle, naturally), hopefully around the end of the year.  I’ve also gotten a start on a rather interesting non-fiction book that is currently on the back burner.  Then, of course, is my full length serial killer novel, which I’ll find the time to finish … sometime.

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