Tide Gets Rolled

November 14, 2012

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Fold Tide!

The unthinkable happened. The Wizard of Tuscaloosa – Nick Saban lost a football game. Texas A&M, led by Redshirt Freshman Quarterback Johnny Manziel pulled off the unsuspecting upset on the road. He has been dubbed “Johnny Football” (which I take exception to…I mean I don’t call myself Johnny Golfer) and has vaulted into the Heisman race.

This just goes to show you how much pull the Tide has nationally as when they lose it is big news. Of course Nick Saban is college football’s version of George Steinbrenner. You either love the guy, or you think he is the biggest jerk in the world. Alabama slides to #5 in the BCS rankings, and now we have three major un-beatens all looking for one another to lose….but more on that later.

The bigger news is the newcomer goes into what is perceived as the Berlin Wall of college football, being Alabama at home, and wins. We should have seen this coming a week ago as LSU should have pulled off the upset but let them off the hook at the very end of the game.

Maybe the SEC is what I have always claimed it is, a darn good conference but not as good as everyone at CBS makes it out to be…..who could possibly think a former Big XII team could win AT Bama.

Welcome to the SEC Texas A&M.

The Three Horse Race

It is down to Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame in the race to the BCS Championship. History tells us that one of the three if not two or even all three will lose an important game late down the stretch in the last couple of weeks and shake this thing up even more.

Each of these teams has a good argument why they should be playing for all the marbles and the cheesy crystal trophy. All of the teams can easily also make an argument for each of the other teams why they should NOT be playing in a title game.

One thing is for sure, it will certainly be an interesting match up if any two of these three teams are left standing at the end of the year. Each has one tough test remaining, and as the stakes get higher, the nerves sometimes get tighter. The only team that has been here recently is Oregon as they have been the best of the three in the recent history. Notre Dame has not been this good, well, since Cheater Lou was coaching, and the Methuselah of the Little Apple got to the BCS stage once but that was one retirement ago.

I hope they all win out and then we just have more fodder for the sports hacks and radio personalities. Chaos and discussion is what makes the bowl system fun. Soon that will all be gone.

Welcome to the Playoff System soon.

Sideline Controversy – Yet Again

Had to get a Husker blurb in this week as they continue to not only get very lucky with seemingly many critical calls and bounces going there way, but they pull another come from behind by more than two score victory again this week.

The bigger news is more with Coach Pelini than the team winning.

This past Saturday against Penn State, Pelini and Senior Safety Daimion Stafford got into a “heated exchange” folloiwng a Penn State Touchdown, no shocker as Pelini always has the camera on him to catch any possible temper flare up – which based on past history is no surprise.

Stafford pointed and yelled various unrepeatable expletives to the head coach, and Pelini is facing away from the camera the entire time.

While the coach might have had his back turned to the camera, he had his player’s back in comments following the game.

“The only thing you can criticize Daimion Stafford for was wanting to win so bad. He was very upset, and he should be upset, we gave up a touchdown” I love the guy. He is an emotional leader. Let me tell you, it’s an emotional game, That stuff happens, that is not the first time it has ever happened. That happens on the practice field so it is no big deal to me.”

Pelini has a temper that is well documented and that is what makes him who he is on the sideline, but I for one believe he is still paying the price for his reputation.

Here is one Husker fan hoping that if the players want to vent at the coach and then go play like their hair is on fire, that is just fine with this fan.

Until next time…Stay Classy Cedar Falls , Iowa

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  1. Martin Kelly
    Nov 14, 2012 @ 11:02:16

    I know a lot of Notre Dame fans who will be wearing orange and white in a couple of weeks when Texas plays Kansas State. This should be really fun!


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