With the Fall TV lineup fast approaching, I figured (well, maybe Kosmo SUGGESTED) that I’d talk a little bit about what I’m looking forward to…and some changes we’ll see.

Changes? What changes? Well, at least one HUGE change. Ashton replaces Charlie on Two and a Half Men. Will the show ever be the same? Do you think it’ll be better, or worse? Personally, I don’t think it’ll ever be the same. Not that I’m a huge Charlie Sheen fan, or a fan at all. I just think that role couldn’t have been more perfect for him, based on his personal life (did the show make his personal life, or did his personal life make his role on the show?). And, once somebody plays a character on a sitcom for so long, it’s hard to imagine the show without said character. My favorite sitcom of all time, The King of Queens, could never have replaced Doug, Carrie, or Arthur. It just wouldn’t have been the same. And I get that Charlie will be “killed off” and isn’t just being “replaced”, but……I don’t know. I’ll give it a go, but my hopes are really really low.

My favorite new show from last year, Mike and Molly, will be making a triumphant return this fall, and could be one of the top rated sitcoms on TV. Like I said earlier, it’s difficult for me to like any show as much as I liked The King of Queens (TKOQ), but this one is fairly close. It does have a love story, but it’s more funny than anything and that’s what I like.

Speaking of a show close to TKOQ, The Big Bang Theory is extremely close. How funny can a group of nerds be? Very funny! If you haven’t given this show a chance, please do. I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed. Personally, I’m hoping for a Penny/Leonard reunion…..wonder what this season will bring?

Taking a break from comedies, my favorite non-comedy show has to be Criminal Minds (the original show, not this new Suspect Behavior nonsense). How the writers for this show can come up with so many crimes/storylines is beyond me, but they do. And they’re very good at it. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the Suspect Behavior spinoff is a bad show, because personally I’ve only watched a few episodes. I just like the original Criminal Minds so much that I don’t feel like the “new” show can come close. Maybe I should expand my horizons….

Last, but certainly not least, FOOTBALL! I know, I know, it’s not a “show”, but it’s TV/entertainment. I can’t wait to spend every weekend from September to January watching nothing but football (I think the wife is as excited as I am….OK, maybe not). When the NFL lockout first started, I thought to myself, “you know what, these overpaid bums need to just play the GAME that they have the opportunity to play…..I’m not going to watch if they ever start playing again”. I was wrong! I’ve never been so excited for a season in my life. Do you think they planned the lockout on purpose, to give fans a sense of what they might not have, and when the lockout ends the fans are more excited than ever?!?! Conspiracy, I say…