Living in a rabid football state such as Nebraska, the beginning of August means the start of the college football season is almost upon us. Spring practice starts this weekend, and yours truly is very excited to take his son to his first “fan day” where he can meet behemoth linemen, shake hands, take a few photos, meet some coaches and have a few autographs signed….oh…and I will make sure to get Jr. a lemonade while we are all standing in line for some photo opportunities.

As the season draws nearer, Johnny G is excited with anticipation of the season tickets arriving in the mail, getting some of the ol’ tailgate gear dusted off, and waiting for those cooler afternoon days that signal the weekends of the fall.

This week I will do a breakdown of the Big XII. While the SEC may feel like they have the best conference in the college ranks, the folks here in the Midwest feel otherwise.

Texas and Oklahoma figure to be the cream of the crop in the south division. Much debate took place last year over these two teams. Who should have gotten into the BCS game, who was better….well I think one of these schools may win the South, but I have a feeling that the other one won’t be finishing in second. I pick Oklahoma State as my surprise team of the conference. The Cowboys start the year with a toughie against Georgia, but they return a lot of talent and I expect them to open some eyes, much like Texas Tech did last year.

Now before you go on saying I am the Husker fan homer (which coincidentally I am) I am going to pick the Huskers to win the North. I would not be surprised if they didn’t win because I am not a big believer in having first year quarterbacks leading their squad to titles. A second year coaching staff that seemed to find their groove in the second half last year, along with most of the defense coming back leads me to pick the Cornhuskers.

In the North, I think Kansas is the better team, and I even pick them to win at home against Nebraska this year. The Jayhawks have an awful lot back this year and have maybe the best receiver in the conference in Dezmon Briscoe. Still the Jayhawks have to play the south teams of Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech … brutal. This is enough to give the nod to the Huskers who should have an easier way of it in league play.

Goodman’s Picks

North Division

  1. Nebraska
  2. Kansas
  3. Missouri – lost too much to be dangerous
  4. Colorado – better than the others here
  5. Iowa State – A long way to go but not as far as
  6. Kansas State – could be as bad as when Snyder came the first time around

South Division

  1. Texas – feel slighted from last year
  2. Oklahoma State – My surprise team of the league this year
  3. Oklahoma – Lost too many “O” lineman
  4. Baylor – Will surprise some this year. Robert Griffith III. Remember that name
  5. Texas Tech – Will show if Mad Bomber can get it done with less talent
  6. Texas A&M. Money can’t buy you a good least not yet.