I may be considered “The Crunchy Conservative” but I also consider myself a feminist. NOT a femi-nazi, but a feminist. I believe in what is best for women and we should be treated equally. That being said, I believe in what is best for ALL women, born and in utero. I guess that’s where the conservative part comes in (and being raised and a practicing Catholic). I believe the feminist movement allows women to make their own decisions (unless it hinders the life of another, like in the case of abortion). If a woman chooses to work outside of the home, great. If she chooses to stay at home and raise the children, that’s great too.

I intended this column to be about the mosque mess, but the reason I bring this up is it’s been 90 years since women were given the right to vote. 90 years. And we have yet to have a female President or even Vice President. That’s a shame. However, I recall in second grade telling my teacher I wanted to be someone that “even the dumb kid in the back of the class got right on a history test.” The first female President. I had dreams … and maybe it could still come true. After all, Sarah Palin was a work at home mom for years … she wasn’t an attorney or corporation owner. Crunchy Conservative for President in 2020?

Anyway, the mosque mess. Our great country was founded on freedom of religion. A freedom to believe and practice wherever one pleases. However, I do believe it is distasteful to build a mosque next to Ground Zero. VERY distasteful. Do they have the right to build it there? Sure. Should they? No. That ground is sacred to the family members in the planes, in the towers and the firefighters who gave their lives saving others. Building a mosque, the religion that the terrorists “were following” right next to Ground Zero would only cause more issues.

I’ve never been to New York but I know New Yorkers. They’ll take it upon themselves to make sure this doesn’t happen. If it does, it won’t last long. New Yorkers won’t stand for it. And neither should other Americans. We all recall how we felt on September 11th. The terrorists took our towers from us but they should not build a mosque next to Ground Zero. Worship where you will, but not on sacred land.