I’m deviating from the politics just for today. There is plenty to write about, but I’ve been pondering refinancing our home mortgage a lot and maybe someone can counsel me.

First of all, we refinanced our home in December 2009 and have an incredible rate of 4.75% for a 30 year fixed mortgage. I was happy with that and never intended to touch our mortgage again. However, that changed last week when I received a call on my cell phone.

A representative from Amerisave.com called and began talking to me about refinancing. Apparently, they still had my information from two or three years ago when I was interested in a refinancing our mortgage. Todd (the rep) told me that rates were even lower now and sent me a “personalized quote”. I looked at my Droid and found it in my Gmail spam folder. I clicked on the link and I am able to obtain a 30 year fixed mortgage with around $1800 in credits. If I were willing to pay for closing costs, I could have an even lower rate.

The questions that I continue to run through my head are: How much will the closing really cost? Will that $1800 in credits cover it? How much deviation could there be from those estimated costs that they provide on the website? I understand that escrows are in addition to the closing costs, but those should pretty well wash when we get our escrow back from our current mortgage company.

Does anyone have any feedback of suggestions? Are the specific questions that I need to ask that will help me catch any shell games that may be happening? I know this is a high pressure industry and they’re pushed to sell. However, if I can get a “no cost” refi am I truly getting a no cost refi?