The game was released in October of 2010, so I’m “late” with this review, but don’t let that fool you. This is the best basketball game I have played for any console. Typically with any sports game I’m a fan of the “franchise” mode…it’s sometimes called something different with each game, but it’s the same thing. You pick a team and “run” that team as the GM from season to season.

When I picked up a copy of NBA 2K11, I decided to branch out and try the My Player mode. You create your player’s characteristics and then go through the draft. My overall rating was fairly bad, in the 50’s, but I was still drafted in the early 2nd round by the Miami Heat. I started the season as the 7th guy … basically the 2nd guy coming off the bench.

The game itself is very easy to play. You receive directions offensive plays with arrows on the screen to show you where you should be and what plays you need to run. Feel free to shoot whenever you want, but you do gain skill points based on the “good” things that you do … make a shot, set a screen, get an assists, etc. Take a bad shot, turn the ball over, or do anything else that it not good for the team, and your teammate grade will take a hit.

The skill points you gain from each game can be used to increase your player’s attributes, which in turn obviously makes your player better overall. It didn’t take long to become a starter, and my overall player rating is already above 80. I’ve played just around 50 games, and I’m averaging just under 30 points a game. I’m a lock for the Rookie of the Year Award, if you ask me.

Once you become a key player on the team, management will start asking you for opinions on the direction of the team. Have players that you want the team to trade or try to trade for? All you gotta do is let them know. You can also do various drills throughout the season to make your player better as well, but I’ve been focusing mainly on the games. That’s the most fun, and the best way to gain the most skill points.

If you haven’t played it, and you’re a sports game fan, you gotta give it a shot. You WILL NOT be disappointed!