Hanging Chads

October 23, 2008

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Chad Ocho Cinco (nee Johnson) will wear the name “Johnson” on his jersey throughout the 2008 season and will switch to Ocho Cinco in 2009. At issue is Rebook’s investment in Johnson jersey. Had Chad switched names on his jersey, he would have needed to reimburse Rebook for the cost of the worthless Johnson jerseys.

Chad is going to be really upset if he ends up being traded to a team who already has a #85. Ocho Cinco would look pretty dumb atop the #84.

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  1. brianmacf
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 07:45:00

    What if a player gets married and decides to take the wife’s name? Or what happens in the WNBA if the woman wants to take the husband’s name?

    I suppose these are separate circumstances than someone simply deciding to change their name on a whim, like Chad. That said, the jersey could be like having a Casius Clay autograph.


  2. The Casual Observer
    Oct 26, 2008 @ 21:38:00

    That’s a good question. It has probably occurred in the WNBA.

    My guess is that the jersey manufacturer would probably be more willing to hammer out a compromise if they were given a heads up (hey, I’m getting married in 6 months, and here is the new name) – and if it were a non-whim sort of thing.

    Honestly, I can’t ever remember hearing about this in any sport other than football (and I’ve heard of a few instances in football).

    I have a Randy Moss Viking jersey. I got a great price on it – I bought it after he was traded to Oakland 🙂


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