Hey, it looks different!

June 5, 2009

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First of all, this isn’t the main article for today – scroll down for the baseball article.

You may notice a few changes to the layout.


  • Front Page – This was called “Home” in the past.  It takes you to the main page, which shows the most current articles.
  • Archives – I have added an Archives page that shows all of the articles in the complete history of The Soap Boxers
  • Cream of the Crop – This is the same as “The Best of The Soap Boxers”, just under a different name.
  • Write for Us – We’re always looking for quality content.

Left side

  • I removed the links to the main page and “Best of The Soap Boxers”, since those links are at the top.
  • RSS & Twitter – I have changed the icons (for the better, I hope).  For those who aren’t sure what RSS is, click on it to find out more.  We post a link to Twitter whenever a new article is posted on the site.  We don’t do anything else on Twitter at this point.
  • Archives – This was previously on the right side.  It shows the headline of each past article, grouped by month.
  • Categories – This was also previously on the right.  It groups articles by category.

Right side

  • Recent articles – This was  previously on the left.  It shows the seven most recent articles.
  • Links to blogs – The was previously on the left.  Click on the links to see some of my favorite blogs.

I tried not to make any massive changes.  I hope you link the new design.  For those of you using IE 6, you’ll finally see the 3 columns properly.  What you had seen previously was a problem that was specific to IE6.

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