Life Isn’t Fair

March 13, 2010

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Today, we talk about two star college athletes.

The first is Oregon running quarterback Jeremiah Masoli – a star who was considered a Heisman candidate for 2010.  On Friday, Masoli pleaded guilty to second degree burglary for his role in the theft of laptops and a guitar from a fraternity on campus.  The Oregon football team suspended him for the 2010 season.

That sounds like an appropriate punishment, right?

Well, except for the fact that he’ll still be on scholarship for 2010 – and will be allowed to use a redshirt year if he wants – meaning that he wouldn’t lose any eligibility.  I’ve heard of a medical redshirt year, but a criminal redshirt year?  I understand that Masoli is a talented player, but what message does is send when this incident possibly extends his full ride scholarship to five years instead of four?

On the other side, we have Purdue basketball player Robbie Hummel.  The standout forward had led his Boilermakers to a top five ranking and had Purdue poised to make a run deep into the NCAA tournament.

Then, on February 24, Hummel tore his ACL is a win against the Minnesota Gophers.  Today, a Hummel-less Purdue team got bounced out of the Big 10 tournament against those same Gophers 69-42.  Purdue managed just 11 points in the first half.  A Boilermaker team that appeared headed toward the Final Four now faces an uncertain fate.

What a different set of “rewards” for these two players.

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