Big Brother Week 3 – Veto Competition

July 28, 2011

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All sorts of things happened in last night’s episode of BB, before AND after the veto competition. Adam and Dominic were nominated for eviction, but would have a chance to remove themselves if they won the veto competition. Dominic struck a deal (or so he thought) with Brendon and Rachel to throw the competition, thinking that they would vote Adam out and he’d just be the pawn.

In the veto competition, players had to jump into a giant shallow pool and pull hairs out of a sunbathing woman’s leg, and the hair had a letter on the end. Whoever spelled the longest word in the allotted timeframe, won. Ok, the “hair” was more like a “noodle” that you’d find in most backyard pools…and the sunbathing woman was just a giant “statue” of sorts, but the rest of the game is the same. Spell the longest word, correctly, and you win.

Jordan spelled “little”…but I’m sure she did more than most of the other players were expecting. Dominic, who was supposed to throw the competition, ended up spelling a 9-letter word, and tied with Adam and Jeff. Rachel misspelled her word (Mouisturizing [sic]), surprise surprise. Brendon won the competition, and he and Rachel now have complete control.

Before the veto ceremony, Dominic talked to Shelly, and gave away his entire gameplan. He gave away that he and Danielle are a “team”, and that they’re targeting Jordan and Jeff, and eventually would turn on Brendon and Rachel. Shelly is a big fan of Jordan and Jeff, so she went to Jordan to spread the news. Not much longer, and they’re in the HoH room telling Rachel what’s going on.

Finally, they see that Danielle is NOT a good member of their alliance and her trying to convince Rachel to backdoor Jeff and Jordan is only for herself, and Dominic. Shelly, Rachel, and Jordan say they’re going to keep this whole revelation a secret, but can they?

Dominic thinks he’s safe and is only being used as a pawn to get Adam out of the house, but with last night’s episode I think it’s pretty clear that he’s going home. He spoke WAY too soon to Shelly, and really gave up his entire game. Tonight’s episode should be pretty entertaining…….

This is pretty obvious, but I predict that Dominic will be voted out, in convincing fashion. I also predict fireworks in the house! It’ll be interesting to see how Danielle reacts, since he’s the only person she really has in the house.

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