Pissed Off About The Debt Ceiling Debate

July 28, 2011

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There are five days left until the threat of default and the circus continues in Washington over the debt ceiling. Feeling the pressure? The Republicans seem to be as The Man With The Fake Tan seem to be getting more and more agitated by the day. First he is overheard saying he didn’t sign up to go head to head with the President and then you have him telling his party colleagues to get their asses in line behind his ideas.

Here is how I see the whole ordeal. First you have a Democrat as President sounding like a Republican – well one before they were taken off the cliff by these nut jobs anyways. Making every effort to come closer each day to anything the right had wanted at the expense of his own support from progressives in the long run, Then you have the Republicans that are insatiable in their desires and keep wanting more and wanting it now. It looks like the Tea Party is more the Veruca Salt Party and all bad nuts to me.

It really pisses me off to see every compromise being offered their way on every single damn thing and, not once any compromise by the other side. No matter what he does to alienate his base, the right will always view him in a bad light. Heck he could suddently decide to outlaw abortion effective immediately and I am sure the right would reconsider its position on that.

Right now it seems that there are two last ditch efforts to avoid default. The one that is proposed by the Democrats has more dollars in cuts than it raises the debt ceiling and gives the Treasury room to pay the interest on past debt through 2013. It is not a good proposal, as it does not have any revenue side reform. However it will do suffice to avoid the end result and, what the hell, we can continue this circus without putting our credit rating on the table. Then on the other side you have a proposal of more cuts, but only enough debt ceiling room made to last until Christmas. Heck you even have teabaggers proposing we should vote to lower the debt ceiling – what absolute morons they are indeed.

It seems that the Pubes want to redo this side show again at Christmas and then I am sure once again during the heat of summer campaigning, all with the country’s economic fate at stake each time. When August 2nd gets here and there is obviously nothing going to get done the President should just use the 14th Amendment to avoid the end result the teabaggers want to see and then let us all continue this circus without holding the country’s credit rating ransom.

Now let’s discuss the Bad Nuts of the Month.

Glenn Beck: He may not have his show on Fixed News anymore, but he still has other outlets to put forth his agenda of lies and hate. This week in the aftermath of the tragedy in Norway, he compared the camp that the kids were killed at to being like the Hitler Youth. Saying who has a camp that is all about politics. Who? Well Glenn Beck, that is who – with his 9/12 indoctrination camp for kids this summer in Tampa. Anyways, what was with the comparison anyways? Does he think the kids deserved to die or something because they were at a camp run by a political ideology he does not agree with? Unfortunately that is probably the case.

Bradlee Dean: Well it seems that the nutcase that runs You Can Run But You Can’t Hide International did not take well to his own words putting him in bad light and has made a frivolous $50 million lawsuit against NBC, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, The Minnesota Independent. It stems from it being reported that Dean referred to Muslims as being at least more moral than us in executing gay people. Now he did not come out and say so in many words, but when one preaches for morality and says that the moral thing to do is to execute gay people, then you pretty much are advocating for that stance. I guess Dean thinks he can hide from his own words and thinks that you should not be able to make him beheld accountable for them.

Allen West: As you may know as Crunchy talked about in her article last week, Allen West, a Congressman from Florida, took issue with fellow Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz. He did not like her talking about his publicly known views on issues on the floor of Congress when he was not in the room. In an email her West basically said that DWS was the most vile piece of trash in the entire Congress an that he was not going to treat like a lady because she was not one and she needed to know her place. Now what does not treating her like a lady mean? If she does not stop talking about his views then he is going to beat the crap out of her or something? Anyways I am sure there is no evidence of West ever talking about someone else in a bad light when they were not present are there? Sure there are plenty of those. I guess DWS can just remember that West will likely soon be out of Congress after the next election and find peace in that like we all will.

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  1. Lawrence Cushing
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 18:29:42

    Why is it so hard for people making over $250,000 dollars per year, and more much more, to kick in more of the money to help the Country that treats them so well. Secondly, it was general knowledge, when I was growing up that “You Get Rich In The Dark” we all know what that means, you make the real money (Tax Free). Basically, if your a Millionaire, Billionaire, or better, you steal most of your money, by evading your taxes. What nerve these tea party radicals have, I wonder if they have ever done a days work in there entire life.


  2. kerwin
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 08:42:04

    I always wanted to go to a third world country, but thanks to Obama I don’t even need to move. 🙂


  3. k9Guy
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 17:22:50

    Those with no memory (or knowledge) have no idea how we got into this mess (Hint: two unfunded wars, cutting taxes on the wealthy, etc.).
    Obama inherited this economy. He is willing to compromise with the Party of NO, but it takes two to compromise.
    The radical right wants Obama to fail and is willing to hurt the entire country to make this happen. They dare to call themselves patriots, but they would savage the country for their unbending ideology.


    • Lawrence Cushing
      Aug 01, 2011 @ 10:33:11

      Yes k9Guy your comment was excellent, (two unfunded wars, cutting taxes on the wealthy,) it’s good to hear from Americans with factual knowledge. The radical right is willing to drive the country off a cliff.


  4. kosmo
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 11:43:24

    Honestly, I’m a big puzzled at how this turned into such a huge issue. As a nation, we have a long tradition of deficit spending. Neither party has consistently balanced the budget in several decades.

    One thing to watch for when politicians talk. “Reducing the deficit” and “reducing the debt” do not mean the same thing. The deficit is the annual shortfall; the debt is the accrued total. As an example, let’s say you have $100,000 in debt and have been increasing this is $15,000 per year for the past 3 year. If you add only $10,000 (plus any interest that accrues on the $100,000) to this debt this year, you have reduced your deficit (from $15,000) but you’re still adding $10,000 to your total debt.

    It’s also important to note that a balanced budget amendment would have to be ratified by 3/4 of the states. Bear in mind the fact that a balance federal budget could mean less money given to the states … which reduces the incentive for states to ratify the BBA.


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